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Starbucks Boracay Review

Here’s another review post and this time it’s about Starbucks Boracay. Why? It’s one of the best Starbucks locations I’ve seen because it’s in Boracay and the view alone is superb. Also, there’s no Starbucks where I live and you would have to drive about an hour or so for the closest Starbucks which is in SM Tarlac. Previously, the closest was in Luisita.

Starbucks Boracay

So on with the review. The ambiance is the first thing you’d notice. Boracay alone is overwhelming. But the ambiance in this Starbucks branch is even better. Inside, it’s air-conditioned and cozy including the overall interior design. But it will be more comfortable to let the sun kiss your skin and the breezy wind embrace you through the open area by the veranda on the second floor and the third floor.

Other Factors

Everything else is pretty much typical of any other Starbucks branch including the usual cold or hot coffee beverages and their hospitable crew.

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Starbucks Boracay is a must stop when you’re in Boracay! 

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