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If you haven’t heard about this site yet, let me introduce you to! From the name alone, you can deduce that the site is about pay scale or salary related concerns. But actually, the site offers more than what the title suggests. Check it out and find out more! features the following sections:


1. Salary Reports – this section offers first time visitors access to a free salary report.

2. Career Research – this portion offers additional sections including the following:
a. Research Center – this is where you can search for jobs, employers, degrees, schools, or all. For each search option, you can find information about salary range (per annum and hourly), bonus, vacation, and more. Salary range depending on various factors such as experience, location, company size, certification, number of employees, and more (skill/specialty, industry, gender, employer type, degree, and benefit/perk) are also available.
b. Salary Calculator allows you to calculate the average salary range for a specific job based on several factors including location.
c. GigZig is a fun way to plan your career change ahead and what you need to do to accomplish your goals.
d. Cost of Living Calculator lets you calculate associated costs when you move from one city to another.
e. Employer Q&A is based on LinkedIn. You need to login to the site and find connections who can be able to answer your questions.
f. Career Goals is a how-to guide about your career goals.

3. Blogs
a. Career News is the site’s blog which had been publishing since August 2007. Several posts daily had been published since February 2012.
b. Compensation Today redirects to the Employers side of the site.

4. Special Features
a. The PayScale Index - compensation index based on city, industry, company size, and job category.
b. Data Packages features comparison charts with infographics on various industries and job categories.
c. Infographics – same as previous special feature

5. Education
a. Degree Research – search for degrees & majors, schools, certifications, and more
b. College ROI Report for the year listing schools plus comparing by region, school type, and more
c. College Salary Report includes a full list of schools plus the best schools by region or type, choosing major, popular jobs by majors, college selector tool, best majors for making money, and party schools that pay.
d. College Selector Tool helps you choose a school which includes school and cost information.

6. Find Jobs lets you find jobs based on location or position.

The above features are under the Individuals or job/school seekers section. More features are available for Employers on the opposite category.


PayScale offers compensation plans to help retain employees. Major companies like Bloomberg BNA, Great Clips, Marketing Cloud, ROLL Global, STIHL, and SUNOCO among 2,500 companies trust PayScale when it comes to compensation plans.

1. Start a Search

Companies can purchase a salary report customized according to their business needs and tailor suited to fully compensate and retain employees.

2. Why PayScale?
a. PayScale Solutions explains what PayScale is all about.
b. PayScale Support and Service
c. Customers - success stories from PayScale customers, some of which include AlohaCare, Bandwidth, BuzzBee, Macalester College, Monarch Landing, Roll Global, and Sungevity to name some
d. Methodology
You can request a personal demo, get a free report, sign up for a webinar, download whitepaper, and buy a salary report through these pages.

3. Products
a. Insight Expert features software & analytics, fresh comp data, support & training, and expert services.
b. Insight – fresh data, software & analytics
c. MarketRate – price jobs with fresh data and easy to use software
d. Pricing – compare various services in terms of pricing and features available
e. How it Works – both for consumers and business

4. Resources
a. Compensation Resources – ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, demo, free report, PayScale Index, videos, blog, infographics
b. Free Report – sample
c. Webinars – past (archives) and upcoming
d. Compensation Trends
e. Whitepapers

5. Partners – reseller, association, and referrals
6. Contact Us – contact options
7. Blog – for employers

When I first discovered the site, the only sections that I know of are the ones I use to help users with their jobs & education questions via Q&A sites like Yahoo! Answers, Askville, Answerbag, and to name some. It was only recently when I’ve found out that there is more that the site can offer for individuals and employers.

For more information and to find out exactly how the site can benefit you, visit 

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