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Manila Zoo 2013 Video

Manila Zoo remains the same since the last time we visited except for a few minor changes including the switching of animal cages and assigned locations plus displayed billboard maps of the zoo courteousy of students from a nearby ABE College campus

Another significant update will be about Mali the elephant. Due to the advocacy of PETA Asia and the petition from various organizations, Mali will soon be relocated overseas to a natural elephant habitat where she can spend the rest of her remaining old age amongst her own kind. I don’t intend to advocate nor contradict campaigns against publicly displaying animals. This post is only an introduction to a video with images of Manila Zoo.

Like the first time I visited Manila Zoo (yes it was my first time then and I felt like being a kid again), it was drizzling too this time on a weekday with numerous visitors flocking the zoo premises. I have a better camera to use now but the images remain similarly memorable with each memories preserved on pictures and videos. I’ve uploaded the images and converted them into a YouTube. See video below.

Manila Zoo, with or without Mali will remain a significant part of Manila this year 2013 and backwards or onwards. Countless kids have literally grown up visiting the place from their childhood up until they have kids of their own. My significant other is one of them and he talks about the decades old concrete slide nostalgically when our own child and my niece were playing there recently. 

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