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Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways Rock Album Review

I know that rock album review posts are often about newly released sets such as for Chicosci’s This is Not a Chicosci Recorld album review. But I’ve wanted to write about the album Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways for years now. So here it is.

Audio Streaming Sample

I first heard about it years ago through a cousin, err… nephew actually because his recently deceased dad (may God comfort his family) is a first cousin. Alex of Audiolokal had just started a band and begun writing his songs at that time. Along with our other young relatives, he introduced us to his music. He even played one of his songs for his grandmother’s (my aunt) interment at that time, PSP (Para sa Patay).

The song in question is Sana’y Di na Lang Nagtampo. Although he recalls the experience with regret now, he was excited about it back then. It was quite an accomplishment for a budding song writer. I’ve already heard the song, along with other songs the band had recorded through a sample disk he gave me before I got a hold of the compilation album Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways where the song is included.

I’ve found the album through a small corner of a mini-record bar in SM Manila’s department store. I’ve rummaged through countless other malls and record stores for the album beforehand. It wasn’t easy to find it considering the fact that it was released years earlier. But once I got a hold of a copy, it had been one of my favorite albums since.

Track Listing

Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways Rock Album Review

Obviously Blind by Cattski
Sana'y Di Na Lang by Audiolokal
Tryin' by Subliminal
Sinungaling by Plaster Of Paris
Artificial Love by Popfilter
Ngayon O Bukas Man by Kartoon Chemistry 
Your Love by Alamid
Siya'y Di Ang Iyong Lahat by Shifting Sands
You Don't Understand Me by The Spills
Nobody's Shoulder by Cover Me Quick
Wala by Spoons
Good Enough by Mac 
Fall On Me by Moonstar 88
Next Day by Last Train

Short Review

Every single track is not your usual mainstream mega hit pop rock song except for Your Love by Alamid which had always been an anthem since its heydays. But all songs of the album have the exact distinct underground/indie flavor I love. If you are not into overused bubblegum type of pop tracks, then this album is for you too. If you like the songs based on the track listing or the audio streaming sample above, you can still get a copy through local record stores.

Watch out for more rock album review posts soon!

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