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This is Not a Chicosci Record Album Review

Chicosci returns with its 7th album via This is Not a Chicosci Record. The album was released last October 29, 2012 with 15 tracks.


Technically, there are only 11 songs. The first track with a similarly ironic title, ‘This is Not an Intro’ is a synthesizer mix. The same applies with 3 other tracks.

In this post, I will attempt to review all songs and tracks in the album.

This Is Not an Intro. It’s but proper to introduce an album with an instrumental track. This is the first time for us to hear Chicosci with synths and they were able to effectively incorporate this into their current music and still sound the same and yet different. I’ve seen the synthesizer live in action through a Chicosci mall tour for This is Not a Chicosci Record recently. But you won’t see it on a table. The synths are on the floor along with guitar pedals from guitarist Mong Alcaraz.

Shquickx (Drive On!). How do you pronounce the song title? I’ve never heard the band read it so I’d assume it can be literally read as ish-quick-x. Is that right? It can also be figuratively read as Sshhquickxxx. The triple x has nothing to do with the theme of the song. It’s actually a fun track which is perfect for a road trip. Sing, “…drive on, drive on…”

Stealing Kisses. This song reminds me of players who are only playing and never falls in love with you but you fell in love with them anyway. But I hardly notice what the song is all about because of the upbeat theme. You too will simply sway to its beat.

Raspberry: Girl is another upbeat track you will dance and head bang to. The lyrics aren’t too ecstatic as the songs melody though. The so-called ‘raspberry girl’ in this song is not a typical lovable miss. She’s more of a missed instead or someone you won’t miss and you will not be missing. But heck, just sing, “…just put your hands up, just put your knives up…” Those lines are reminiscent of the previous album’s smash song Diamond Shotgun and that undying “lock and load, baby let’s go…” anthem. It is also a chart topping hit over Myx. 

Old Love/New Love. It’s another instrumental synth mixed track which lasts for less than a minute, you won’t even notice it. Much like the title, old love and new love also passes us by that fast. 

Fire Away let’s you fire away in anger over deceit, particularly the usual lover’s deception. It applies the same Chicosci formula for an angry song without actually sounding angry.

Start a Fire seems to answer the previous track with its opening lines alone, “kill your misery… give me your misery tonight.” How exactly? It’s by starting a fire, the type of fire which kills the light and kills your misery as well. 

Sleep Station. It talks about no ordinary sleep. It could mean the sleep of death. It could well be a song for a loved one sick as described by the lines about meds. 

Where the Light Shines Brightest. This is yet another breakup song with the title pertaining to nothing else but the good times shared by former lovers together.

Every Mourning. Yes, it is spelled thus because a lover mourns over a loved one who is no more. It could be like any other parting due to breakup but it can also refer to someone’s eternal passing in death. Whatever’s the case; this is one of my favorite songs on the album.

nOPM (Send Help). Could this mean no or new OPM? It’s another short synthesizer made track. I agree to what it stands for even if you hear nothing but beats and no lyrics. The title says it all; OPM does need help trying to thrive in a foreign influenced and overpowered music world in the Philippines today.

Crocodile Scars. Nowhere in the song will you hear this title hummed. But the song is about the scars of …ehem… love, what else? Did it cause too much scar that it can become as gigantic as a crocodile? Let me ask ye lovers and those who have been scarred by love.

Alexandra is lucky, whoever she is. She appears to be an old flame being rekindled again in this song.

Kapitan is the 4th instrumental track. I have no idea who is the captain being referred to.

Secret Weapon is an epic finale to the album. Chicosci collaborates with rappers Syke and Gloc 9, who raps in Filipino in this song by the way.


It’s a shame that some younger generation of music fans doesn’t know Chicosci but if you have been a fan since they started back in 2000, this album will definitely not betray you. The band’s music had been evolving over the years but the vampire social club band sound remains. 

You can still grab This is Not a Chicosci Record album through music stores nationwide and online via iTunes and that schick and sleek site (which allows you to buy songs individually at only Php 25 pesos each or the entire 15 tracks album at Php 300 pesos).  

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