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Spectacular View and Ambiance from Quattro Grill in Dagupan

Chance had brought us to Quattro Grill in Dagupan City, Pangasinan one opportune early eve. It was to meet up with a former work colleague from Baguio City. We didn’t dine although our friend offered it so I can’t say anything about the food. The ambiance and the view, particularly at the view deck area is spectacular though!

From the topmost floor of the building, a view of Dagupan City’s bright lights at night is present. You can see buildings nearby including Star Plaza hotel. It’s quite breezy in the view deck as well so ACs are not needed despite the fact that Dagupan is a humid area. Below are some photos I was lucky enough to capture.

University of Pangasinan visible from here
quattro grill dagupan
Quattro Grill
Star Plaza from afar
Arellano St.
Star Plaza Hotel
Star Plaza
downtown area
from the back of the building
from the rooftop or deck area
Quattro Grill is located in Arellano St. Dagupan City right in front a 7/11 store beside University of Pangasinan. 

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