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Freelancer Earnings: How Much Do You Earn?

If there are any freelancers reading this, I hope you won’t mind sharing how much freelancer earnings you are paid every month. I know it’s dependent on several factors such as your rate per piece of work or per hour, the number of projects you have completed, how much time you have spent working, and so on; but nonetheless, there should an average amount per month. You can state it in your local currency or in USD, whichever you please. You can do so through the comments section of this post or through the Facebook page of the Blog Ph Net blog.

The reason why I’m asking is because of a recent experience with a recruiter. The company she is representing is looking for a content writer for an office based post. She must have stumbled upon my profile online, most likely through LinkedIn. A screenshot of the content of the actual email she sent is below:

I’ve painted out her full name for privacy purposes and only kept the actual company’s name. I emailed her back with my updated resume and writing portfolio which is also available online via LinkedIn. It wasn’t my first time to have received an offer similar to it from recruiters and managers alike; in fact, I’ve received several others for related positions not only in writing but in customer service as well since last year. Those potential job offers did not push through; otherwise, I won’t be freelancing now if any of them did. 

Going back to the recruiter above, she even called me on my phone. As always, I’m not the best verbal communicator in town even if I’ve worked in an inbound call center setting for almost 5 years. If I would recall the call, I remember speaking in a soft spoken voice as if I’m not too confident. It wasn’t about confidence though, it was about hesitancy. I know it’s going to reach the point where she would ask about my preferred salary, that’s why I’m hesitant. It was always the turning point with the previous local job offers from Metro Manila during the past few months.

Although I would like to work again in an actual office interacting with people even if I’m actually an introvert who prefers to stay and home and hence, work at home, other factors are also weighed. I will need to relocate even if I do have a place to stay. I will also have to calculate expenses including allowance for commuting to and from work, food, and everything else in between. The shift also matters most especially if I’m assigned a night shift to follow foreign client’s business hours. It will also mean leaving my family, particularly my daughter here in the province and my very convenient work environment where I could stare at my computer and work while eating with not much preparation in terms of clothing and so on.

But above all, it’s the pay which whirls the wind of change from a positive interview to a potentially negative one. Once I mention how much I’m paid and my ideal salary, the recruiter’s tone suddenly transforms into either a mocking disbelief or sad tone translated into a loss of a prospective recruit. So as expected, although the recruiter said she will endorse me to a boss, they never called again.

Not to brag because the glory is not mine but God’s, I’m earning an accumulated amount of more than $____ USD per month on one website alone. I’m sure that’s nothing compared to what native writers are paid for but it’s already good money from where I come from. It sounds unbelievable right? But I know that countless other freelancers are bringing home so much more than what I earn. Yet for those who are struggling to level up in the race of freelancing, I’ve started a blog which offer tips, tricks, and techniques that can help you out – Success on oDesk.

The above experience is the reason why I wanted to know how much your freelancer earnings amount to monthly and thank you very much for reading and participating.

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