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Free SEO Ebook Downloadable through Free Minds Free Lines

You can now download a free SEO eBook through this blog. Simply follow the instructions below with your email address and a link to download the eBook will be forwarded to your specified email address.

What’s in the book?

The book is titled “Introductory Comprehensive Guide on Search Engine Optimization for Beginners.” It contains 28 pages with over 12,000 words on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The book is ideal for beginners who would like to study basic concepts about SEO. The e-book will also benefit even advanced readers who would like to have a copy of SEO principles.

For a taste of what information is available inside, check out the table of contents below:

Table of Search Engine Scores for various elements:                                                  
Meta tags                                                                                                            
SEO and Additional Elements                                                                         
Domain Names, URLs, etc.  

I. Introduction – SEO Defined                                                                             
1. The Functionality of Search Engines                                                                     
2. Variations among Popular Search Engines

II. Keywords – the Most Relevant Element in SEO                                                           
1. Selecting the Proper Keywords to be optimized                                                      
2. Keyword Density                                                                                             
3. Keywords in Specific Areas                                                                                 
a. URL and File Name Keywords                                                                              
b. Page Title Keywords                                                                                          
c. Heading Keywords          

III. Backlinks – Another Relevant SEO Element                                                         
Backlinks Defined                                                                                                 
The Relevance of Backlinks                                                                                    
Anchor Text                                                                                                        
Methods Used When Building Backlinks                                                                         
1. Backlink Builder Tool                                                                                         
2. Submit Site in Directories                                                                                   
3. Article Directories and Forum Boards                                                                        
4. RSS Feeds                                                                                                     
5. Affiliate programs                                                                                                       
6. News Updates and Press Releases                                                                        
Link Methods that are not recommended   

IV. Metatags                                                                                                      
Meta tags Defined                                                                                                
Meta Description                                                                                                  
Meta Keywords                                                                                                    
Meta Robots           

V. Content is King                                                                                                   
Defining Good Content                                                                                          
Writing SEO Content for Search Engines and for Real People                                        
SEO Killers – Duplicate Content, Spamming, and Fillers   

VI. Visual Elements and SEO                                                                               
1. Images                                                                                                            
2. Videos, Movies, and Animation                                                                             
3. Frames                                                                                                               
4. JavaScript           

VII. Static and Dynamic URLs     

VIII. Gain Greater Traffic by Promoting Your Website                                                        
1. Submit your site to website directories, forum community boards, and others              
2. Secondary Search Engines                                                                                     
3. Advertisements and Submission Services           

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Update: It's now up for free download, see Introductory Comprehensive Guide on Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

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