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Balay Bistro Urdaneta City Review

Balay Bistro is the third among three Bistro named establishments within the T&S blog. of Urdaneta City. The other two include Honeyrock Bistro restaurant and Draft Buy Bistro bar.


Balay Bistro
view from the second floor

The first thing you’d notice in Balay Bistro is the ambiance, particularly if you get seated by the patio area overlooking MacArthur highway. It’s obviously breezy and offers a nice night bright lights view of the city. You can also be seated inside and still experience fresh air.


Like its counterpart bar below, don’t expect whimsical dining here. What you can order are the usual drinks and side dishes, not that I’m not promoting drinking.


Good looking waiters whom some of my friends like will attend to your needs and even find seats for you and your company the moment you step inside their doors.


A live acoustic band also performs nightly where you can also jam as a guest or write your request through tissue paper.


This is the bar for you if you’re after live acoustic entertainment and refreshing ambiance without clamoring for that much fancy food. You can add Balay Bistro on Facebook here

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