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Adriana Latonio, Another Pinay on American Idol

The name ‘Adriana Latonio’ was most searched last night over Yahoo! but her name didn’t ring a bell for me until I read the actual news story. She is one of the finalists at American Idol Season 12 Sudden Death live round.

Adriana Latonio
I just watched a local news show as well, Balitang Amianan over GMA Channel 10 (Northern Luzon), and she was featured too. Her parents both hail from Urdaneta City, Pangasinan before migrating to Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A. Adriana Ariel Latonio, 17-years old is currently a student at Anchorage’s East High School.

During her performance for the Sudden Death round, she performed Aretha Franklin’s ‘Aint no Way.’ Although I wasn’t completely focused while watching the show because I was also attending to other chores, I remembered Latonio’s performance and I’ve considered it as one of the best from among the first 10 girls who sang for this specific round. I was hearing the judge’s comments with half ear and didn’t notice that Nicki Minaj actually asked Adriana if she is a Filipina, to which she replied ‘yes.’

Adriana Latonio
I didn’t realize this until now but she does have that local Pinay look similar to how Jasmine Trias depicted a Filipina beauty several seasons ago. For a moment I thought she hailed from the Ilocos region and is one of the Hawaii immigrants but then again she is from Pangasinan and is living in Alaska now.

She advanced to the next round with 4 other girls. Her close friend on the show, Shubha Vedula, was eliminated. Shubha, one of the early favorites, also awaited her fate standing beside Latonio for the last and fifth slot of the top 5 girls this week.

Next week, 20 more remaining contestants (10 girls and 10 boys) will battle it out with only 5 to remain for each category during the second week of the live Sudden Death round. The overall top 20 from both boys and girls last week and this coming week will soon be singing live for America’s votes. You can then have your chance to vote for Adriana soon enough and show your support the way you did for Jessica Sanchez for American Idol season 11 last year.

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