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20,000 Views for Free Minds Free Lines last January 2013

Although I regularly check the Blogger statistics page, I haven’t done so recently due to time constraints from a busy schedule. Just kidding! I just haven’t done so because I forget to do so or I simply don’t get bothered by it. So yesterday as I glanced upon the blog’s stats, I was in for a surprise… 20,000 views last month!

Free Minds Free Lines page views

I know that’s just the page views in a day for million dollar sites or blogs but although this baby may not be worth millions but I am in a million multitude of gratitude for even seeing something like that. I have no idea if it was only last month or if it had been thus for the past few months because I was used to just around 5k to 10k monthly that I haven’t bothered to look for quite some time now. It could also be that maybe I just missed it because the overall total is only calculated at the end of the month and whenever I see them in the past, it’s not yet the last day of that specific month and so the sum showing is technically not yet the full entirety of that month’s hits. It could also be possible that the previous months views been such for the past few months already or so. There is no way to tell in Blogger because it only shows limited information as specified in the image above.

Whatever the case is; thank you very much for everyone who had dropped by!  Soli Deo Gloria! 

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