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What to do about a Loss Senior Citizen Identification Card

Technically, my mother’s Senior Citizen Identification card wasn’t loss per se. It was merely loss because it wasn’t claimed during its release years ago; all the way back in 2007. There was no more record of who claimed if it was ever claimed because it was a long time ago already and log books utilized for that year may have been disposed of or misplaced by now. It could also be possible that it was claimed by an authorized party and had been probably been using it to date? Only God knows. J We didn’t even know that she had an ID card because my older sister who had it processed when my mom was hospitalized a 2nd time back then didn’t make a follow up of it.

But for those who had actually lost a Senior Citizen card or that of their parents or grandparents or anyone elderly that they are acquainted with, you may also benefit from the same process I have gone through in order to acquire a new card.

Steps and processes may actually differ depending on each town or city, so it’s still best to seek assistance from a representative of your local government. You may ask someone employed in the town or city hall, in a government office or service, or simply drop by and head over to the information desk.

Initially, I attempted to apply for a new card but having discovered that the card is no longer with the office responsible for it, they gave me instructions and what I needed to accomplish in order to apply for a replacement card.

So these are the steps I’ve followed in order to request for new one:

1. Report the ID as lost. This can be accomplished by filing a police blotter at the nearest police station. The police officer who accommodated my request was polite and enthusiastic.

2. Next, pay the cashier to request for an affidavit of loss. This costs around Php 100; again, depending on your locale.

3. The mayor’s office will then prepare the affidavit with the mayor signing the material afterwards. Herein, I paid another Php 100.

4. Lastly, you will submit all documents to the same social welfare desk for them to have it processed. You will be asked to claim the card whenever it’s ready at a specific date.

The whole process took only about a little over an hour with a lightning fast service!

Incidentally, the local town office only processes all Senior Citizen related card (new and replacement) once a month, particularly during the last Friday of the month which was the exact same time when I had my mother’s card processed. So I was able to claim the replacement card, along with the grocery and medicine booklets.

I hope this helps but for more information on how to apply for a lost Senior Citizen Identification card, please refer to your local town or city office. 

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