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I’m a tech-savvy person which explains why numerous projects I’ve completed in the past were tech in nature. But above all, it’s the site which I am in gratitude for. The site is just one of the countless tech networks over the web these days, but it’s a promising one. Posts include anything tech in nature including computers, tablets, smart phones (on platforms like iOS, Android, etc.), gaming, high tech gadgets, tech security, Photoshop, the World Wide Web as a whole, blogging, and anything tech related.

The site went live with the very first post published on 8/20/2011. Although it is listed as an India-based blog in Alexa, the site now is owned by an Australian company which is one of the clients I currently work for. There are numerous writers presently contributing for the blog but its previous editor has already left. I took over last year on 6/27/2012 and posted my first blog entry on 7/16/2012. I’ve only recently edited my profile page to include the label “chief writer and editor” although that was already the agreement when I was hired last year, which is to replace the former editor. To God be the glory.

For a list of posts I have already contributed to the site as of this writing, please refer to this link:

Be a Guest Blogger

Anyone who’s interested in tech can become a guest blogger. If you have an existing blog, most especially if it’s also a tech blog, you can benefit from posting and linking back to your blog for traffic and link building. You can do so through the profile resource page.

Although I have already edited some content particularly the pages, there were older posts which still needs to be brushed up as they appear to have several errors. The site used to allow free registrations and anyone can simply post directly on the site before which explains why some posts may have missed editorial checking. This rule doesn’t apply anymore. Thus, to apply, you need to read guidelines first and your initial post will only be published as soon as the site owner has screened it.

If you’re interested to write and post for, please visit this page-

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