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Endodontic Therapy or Root Canal Philippines

You must have heard about endodontic therapy already if you have ever dropped by a dentist’s office. Posters most likely used its colloquial counterpart called root canal but it’s referring to the same procedure. I’ve undergone the process through a local dentist in Taguig. Her office is located close to Puregold. To return the favor of paying at discounted rates, I’m posting her clinic details below:

Store no longer open in previous address

Root Canal Q & A

endodontic therapy
Q: What is root canal?
A: In its simplest definition, root canal therapy literally removes the dental pulp or the connective tissues inside the teeth, disinfects the cleaned area, and fills it out.

Q: Who should undergo the procedure?
A: This is recommended for those with damaged teeth beyond repair such as one of mine on the upper front which had already undergone countless cementing since over a decade ago. It is also applicable for those with a tooth which needs extraction but has limited enamel left to extract the tooth from such as the case of a friend’s.

Q: How long does it last?
A: Referring to the actual procedure, it is completed after a series of sessions (about 3 to 4) lasting about two hours or more each time.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: I’m sure it’s cheaper in the province but in Metro Manila, it starts at Php 5,000.

Q: How do you prepare for it?
A: You will first be asked to undergo dental x-ray which costs around Php 800 or higher depending on where you will avail of it. For the root canal procedure, I was asked for an x-ray of the tooth twice because the first one didn’t achieve a useful result.

endodontic therapyIf you’re looking for dental clinics offering x-ray of the tooth, the two clinics I’ve availed this service from can be found in SM Bicutan and Market! Market! in Taguig.

Q: What to expect from this treatment?
A: Obviously, you will sport a missing tooth until the dead enamel is filled out. You will also have to restrain from eating certain foods while waiting for permanent replacement to be attached, such as say a fixed bridge. The latter is not recommended though if you intend to have your crooked tooth corrected through braces.

With these questions and answers, you now have an idea about root canal or endodontic therapy but do let me know if you still have questions in mind and I’d be glad to find answers for you!

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