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7 Ways on How to Save Money for Boracay Trips

Who says that Boracay trips are expensive? With a few tricks, tips, and trimming of expenses, you can actually be able to have a blast in Boracay without going for broke. Here are a few things you can do.

Choose Off Peak Dates

Visiting Boracay during the summer will obviously become pricey because it is the peak season. If you’re going to check out the girls or the guys and enjoy the place amidst a full blown crowd, then you will naturally select the summer despite associated costs. But if you simply want a getaway opportunity from stress at work or in your personal life, then you may take a vacation at Boracay during off peak dates. We travelled this month and there are still literally countless local and foreign tourists flocking the white sand beach of Boracay.

Book a hotel through Agoda

Book Early

Booking early is beneficial to all types of travel including domestic and international. Airline tickets are relatively cheaper when you make a reservation ahead of time as compared to reserving a seat for a flight the next day or so.

Still in relation to booking early, pick early morning flights. The rule is that the earlier the flight, the cheaper the tickets. As the day progresses, so does the fare rates increases.

Find Promo Fares

Aside from booking a flight ahead of schedule, you can also find promo fare deals. In Cebu Pacific, our flight was booked for a little over Php 10,000 back and forth with three seats due to a special promo fare rate. The only problem with these types of deals is that you cannot cancel them anymore and the money can no longer be refunded.

Select Modest Inns

Unless you have a huge pile of money to spend on first class hotels, you should settle for modest inns. If you have friends or relatives with homes in the island, then that’s even better as you can probably borrow their property for a while. You may also search online if you have no place in mind. There are numerous inns offering affordable rates as low as Php 1,500 a day. You have all the right to ask for discounts if you are staying for a couple of days.
When selecting an inn to stay, I’d recommend those located in Station 2. In that way, you’re accommodation will be right between Station 1 and 3 so you can easily walk to and fro from left to right to check what the island has to offer.

Rough Budget Draft Boracay Trip (2 days, 2 nights for 3 persons)

Php 10,500
Terminal fees

arrival Boracay airport       
Php 100
Php 200 each
Environmental fee            
Php 75 (children free)
Tricycle fare

Caticlan to jetty port        
Php 50
Boracay port to beach
Php 100
Jetty port boats
Php 25 each
Php 3,000
Php 1,800
Total Draft                         
Php 16, 750

(Amount does not include expenses on souvenirs, adventures, services, and other items)

Set a Budget for Food

Expect that restaurants, diners, and bars spread throughout the island serve at expensive rates so you should have enough budget money for food. Php 200 per person for a meal will be your starting point. It can always be higher than that depending on where you dine and how much you order.

Most inns provide a kitchen where you can cook. So if you can bring food which does not spoil easily, you can actually save on meals during your stay in the island. Most domestic airlines allow up to 7 kilos per person as hand carry. Your clothes and belongings wouldn’t weight that much. In fact, all three of us only used 7 kilos for hand carry luggage all in all. With that, you can always squeeze in cup noodles, biscuits, canned goods, and rice.

Make a List for Souvenirs to Buy

True, there are all too many people you need to buy souvenirs for and if you panic; you’d probably be buying more than what you’re going to need. So in relation to souvenirs, it’s best to make a list of everyone you will purchase an item for and what type of product you will bring home. Some of the stuffs you can get include food, shirts, bags, accessories, and more.

Try to scour various shops to find the cheapest deals. You’d be delighted to see shirts that are available for only Php 180 with a buy one take one promo. Keychain, accessories, and even delicacies are also sold at Php 100 in bundles of 3. Even stuffs you need like swim wear, shades, sarong, and what not are offered at cheap rates. One can buy in bulk and sell them at twice the price in Manila or elsewhere. Just look for D'Mall (also D'Talipapa as per suggested on comment below) to avail of these items. If you’re not familiar where this is, just ask around and I’m sure a hospitable native or another tourist will be more than willing to guide you or provide you directions.

Bargain, Bargain, Bargain!

For all types of services you avail of within the island including henna tattoos, hair braids, and water adventures such as boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, and so on, it is never impolite to bargain. Local business people still earn a lot from foreign nationals alone so being kuripot isn’t a sin especially if you want to enjoy without going home broke.

With these 7 tips in mind, anyone is sure to experience Boracay trips without emptying their pockets afterwards.


  1. Very practical Boracay travel tips. For souvenirs, D'Talipapa shopping stalls offer cheaper prices than those at the D'Mall.

    1. Oh yes, you're right! In fact most of the stuffs I bought are from D'Talipapa. Got a few bundles of food delicacies at only 3 for Php 100. Thanks!


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