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This Guy’s in Love with You Mare Review

Star Cinema and Viva teams up to bring you This Guy’s in Love with You Mare. The movie features a new trio on screen through Toni Gonzaga, Luis Manzano, and Vice Ganda in a hilarious twist to the No Other Woman and The Mistress fame.

This Guy’s in Love with You Mare

The story starts with Mike (Luis Manzano) breaking up with his 3 years beau Lester (Vice Ganda) on a night where he was supposedly going to propose marriage and the couple would run off to New York to celebrate a same sex marriage rite. Mike’s change of heart was supposedly because he is now “born again” and that God is against gay relationships.

Lester felt betrayed twice when he realized that Mike actually broke up with him because of a girl he had been dating for a year already. Lester then devised a plan to break them apart by pretending to be a guy to pursue her with the thought that after they break up, she would come running back to him. The plan began with a pretense to be a knight in shining armor rescuing a damsel in distress. The hold uppers were actually gays working for Lester’s parlor.

Just when Gemma (Toni Gonzaga) started to fall for Lester, Mike discovered that his rival over his fiancé’s attention is actually his ex. Lester on the other had realized that he cannot fool Gemma anymore because she is a good person. So during the confrontation, Gemma hated both guys. With various ways done to appease her anger, the three finally made amends in the end. Mike and Gemma got married while Lester had supposedly found a man he would like to spend the rest of his life with. But it actually led to a new heartbreak for him and its God again. The guy (Sam Milby) turned out to be a priest.

Cast and Characters

Vice Ganda as Lester
Toni Gonzaga as Gemma
Luis Manzano as Mike
Lassie Marquez as Ricky
IC Mendoza as Babushka
Ricky Rivero as Fanny
Cecil Paz as Tancing (the four parlor gays)
Tessie Tomas as Lester’s aunt
DJ Durano as David (Lester’s brother in law)
Gladys Reyes as Lester’s relative abroad
Karla Estrada as Lester’s relative
Eagle Riggs as Lester’s relative
Ricci Chan
Buboy Garovillo as Gemma’s dad
Manuel Chua as Peter
Carla Martinez as Gemma’s mom
Jayson Gainza as Nitoy
Edgar Mortiz
Edward Mendez
Dang Cruz
Sam Milby on a special role

What to Love

You will love how everything in this movie is simply entertaining. Even supposedly dramatic moments such as when Lester was heartbroken are still amusing. Everywhere he looks, his ex Mike is there because his photos were plastered all over his room. When he attempted to commit suicide, it was still comical because a bride left on the altar jumped before him and he lost his appetite to jump too simply because it will be “sukob.” Sukob supposedly refers to a back to back wedding for siblings happening within a year.

Aside from the comic uproar, I also appreciate the fact that popular films about extra-marital relationships such as No Other Woman and The Mistress were referenced in this film. Well since it was from the same movie company, they probably already have copies of scripts from The Mistress and know beforehand that it will be a hit. The Mistress was only released in cinemas last August 2012.

You’d hear famous lines from No Other Woman such as “ang mundo ay isang malaking Quaipo, maagawan ka. Lumaban ka!” From the Mistress we hear “I bet you that I’m a damn better lover!” and “walang babaeng pinangarap maging kabit!” The quotes were just twisted a little bit to make them funny.

At the culmination, all is well that ends well. Gemma and Mike ended up together and had forgiven or accepted each other for their past and present faults. They also became friends with Lester.

What to Hate

I can’t seem to find anything there is to hate in this film. Every scene is significant to the story so there are no wasted minutes all throughout. Every character had also played a remarkable or at least unforgettable role, including supporting casts and special guests.


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