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2 Alternate Traffic Sources When Penalized by Google

Penalized by Google
First of all, how will you know when your site or blog is penalized by Google?

The most obvious indicator is sudden drop in traffic. Readership number becomes lesser due to your keywords dropping down from the search pages. For example, if your site or blog ranks for the keyword “X Factor Philippines,” then web users searching for that keyword lands on your site or blog when they enter the keyword or phrase through search fields. The search engine in turn will display websites based on ranking. Obviously, those which make it on the first page will naturally gain more readers as compared to those which are lower in rank.

Unfortunately, my blog dropped rank for most keywords it used to rank well for. Thus, I’ve noticed the sudden drop in traffic coming from search engines, particularly Google. Although the ultimate solution is to appease the giant G by sending a plea through its support, I haven’t done that yet. I’d rather earn this major search engine’s trust again by focusing on writing more high quality content and avoiding instances which will result to greater penalty. The latter includes building punishable links all over the web. It’s what one of the admin/owners of InfoBarrel cited in a forum thread I’ve created in relation to this issue. There is a need to make sure that all links are of high quality.

In connection to checking link quality, I was able to login to my blog’s webmaster account. I did see the list of links alright but I have no idea which of those is deemed as spammy and needs to be removed. So I haven’t worked on this one too.

I definitely feel the impact of falling away from Google’s grace but I’ll just let it be for the moment. So instead of finding ways to battle it out such as through the options mentioned above, I will temporarily find other means to invite readers while recovering from being penalized. Some of such alternate traffic sources include the following choices below.

Social Media Traffic

The power of social media is already proven. You just need to know how it works and how to make the most out of it. The key here is syndication. You need to syndicate your blog or site content to as many social media sites as possible. Facebook and Twitter are not the only sources for social network traffic. You can also register an account in numerous social networking and social bookmarking sites such as Myspace, Orkut, Stumbleupon, Posterous, and so much more.

There are literally hundreds of social bookmarking sites all over the web. I have a list of over 100 if you need one; in exchange for a minimal fee of course. J But these work best for extracting link juices and not for immediate traffic. If you aim for the latter, it’s best to choose high traffic social networking sites with tried and tested readership.

Still on social media traffic, you also have to manually share each content or update. Never use automated software, tools, nor sites as these are bad for SEO (search engine optimization). It will help to include a widget for sharing so readers can automatically share your content to their respective social media accounts. One notable widget is Add This which is what I’m using for this blog. There are also services which can share your updates to several social media sites although most of these are limited to a few sites only and you need to upgrade to a premium account in order to avail of as many features as possible.

Email Traffic

People still read email despite the clamor for social networking these days. So email can also be a possible source of traffic. The only problem now is to generate leads. Some may even buy leads from lead generating services. These obtain email addresses all over the web based on user interest. When you sign up for a specific service or site; your email address maybe collected for marketing purposes. In other words, it is sold. This explains why you receive countless unsolicited emails which end up in your email’s spam folder.

But there’s no need to buy leads for email traffic. You just need to create bait in order to acquire sign ups. The easiest way is through your own existing contacts. Send an invite through email or through your social network accounts and encourage people you know to subscribe for your blog or site feeds. One tool you can use for this is FeedBurner. It’s the same one I use for this blog. You can’t expect every visitor to sign up though so it’s best to intensify the need to increase readership by offering something in return like a newsletter, e-book, or free download. I plan to write an e-book should I ever have the time to do so soon. 

With that, I won’t sulk in a corner crying over spilled milk. What’s done is already over with. I’ll leave the past behind, look forward towards the future, and work my best for today. So even if my blog is penalized by Google, I know I can be able to recover from it or if not, at least I can generate traffic through other sources such as these two alternate options discussed above.

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