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X Factor Philippines Results Week 7 – Bitter Sweet Down to 5 Contestants

Tonight’s the X Factor Philippines results and it’s now the 7th week. If you missed last night’s performances, read an overview of what transpired through the previous post - X Factor Philippines Live Performance Week 7 with the Top 6.

Like the previous X Factor Philippines results night, the show starts with a medley of songs from the week’s theme. This week, the program featured hits from Eraserheads and Rivermaya. The remaining 6 contestants performed with familiar faces in the rock music industry these days – Nate, Tutti, and Kean.

After the break, these are acts that are safe for next week:

Allen Jane Sta. Maria
Gabriel Maturan
Jeric Medina
KZ Tandingan

That makes Daddy’s Home and Kedebon Colim automatically on the bottom two list. Good for Allen, she didn’t land in the bottom two again; whereas, previously eliminated acts often land in the bottom 2 more than twice before they are finally eliminated. But for Daddy’s Home, it’s their second time on the bottom two, with the first time back in week3 pitted against fellow group AKAJAM. As for Kedebon, it’s his first time landing on one of the spots with the lowest number of votes. But that doesn’t make him safe.

Music wise, Daddy’s Home are the better singers. They have proven that tonight, with their rendition of “Lately” by Stevie Wonder. As for Kedebon, although he was first to perform between these two acts, his version of “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias is obviously lacking. His fellow contenders at the back were seen crying, particularly the ladies while his fellow male group mates on the other hand are really worried that it’s very evident in their faces. I was thinking that they too already know who goes home just by watching Kedebon perform even before Daddy’s Home sang their piece.
X Factor Philippines results night

So what’s the X Factor Philippines results night tonight? Three judges voted for one act to be sent home and with three, there’s no need for the 4th judge/mentor to vote. So who goes home? Kedebon goes home! I’m sure a lot of his bashers and haters are celebrating tonight but not everyone who believes in his power to entertain. It was a sad picture seeing Martin sending his own act home. It’s the same painful scenario when Ms. Pilita sent home her own singer Modesto Taran on week 4’s shocking results night.

Once again, we say good bye to the jolly and entertaining Kedebon Colim in tonight’s X Factor Philippines results night.

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