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Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

So what is considered manly? Kojie.san Men helps us answer that! With a whole new range of products exclusively for men from the widely followed Kojiesan brand, we are certainly going to see more manly in today’s men, especially among potential users of these products.

what is considered manly
But what is the connection between men’s products and the concept of manliness? Simple, the modern manly man is no longer the vision we know of him in the past. Being manly is not about building muscles or a muscular physique, being physically strong, or being powerful at work or in his home. In as much as society had evolved for women, the same applies to men.

Women are no longer considered inferior. Women are gaining as much rights as men do. We are accepted as equal competitors in terms of politics, careers, and even in the concept of a family/home. In the same manner, what is considered manly have also changed. The characteristics of manliness in the past as described earlier are no longer in effect.

The new norm of being manly is also evident in equality. Men who are as conscious as women when it comes to their physical appearance, particularly the skin and face, can be considered manly in these modern times.  Thus, the use of beauty products is no longer exclusive to women and can actually be utilized by men now.

If it was in the past, men who are overly mindful of how they look like are often called names. They may even be teased as members of the gay men community. But that’s not the case anywhere. Metrosexual men or those who equally advocate skin care products and salons like women do represent the modern man. Aside from the physical, I also believe that the modern man respects women in general as his equal. He helps women when needed but not because he looks down on them. It’s the same equality he shares by using skincare products which were originally intended for women.

So in relation to preserving the concept of manliness, we all must embrace the new ideal modern man as pictured in previous paragraphs. It’s not that we are forgetting the past; we are merely joining the bandwagon of change. As they say, change is the only thing permanent in this world. Thus, we still preserve manliness by respecting the new modern manly man and his right to look good and feel good inside and out.

Kojie.san, one of the popular skin care products understands the need to preserve what is considered manly in today’s time through its new line of products made especially for the modern man. These include a face & body soap, body lotion, and deodorant & body spray. You can read more about these products by visiting the Kojiesan Men’s Club Facebook page through this URL -

So how about you, what is considered manly for you?

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