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One Tree Hill Finale Episode: Say Goodbye to High School Again

It was all the way back in April when One Tree Hill finale episode was actually released. But it was goodbye all over again a few weeks back when the series finale was aired over a local television station. As for me, it felt like bidding adieu to high school once more with all its excitement and drama.

One Tree Hill Finale Episode
the original main cast
One Tree Hill which had been closely followed for the past 9 years was first loved back in 2003 through the high school journeys of its original cast members. It was about the conflict between half brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott, portrayed by James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray. The issues were intensified with the love triangle between Lucas with best friends Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis, played by Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush. Although Murray and Burton were no longer included among the cast by the 7th season, they remained as significant members of the original Tree Hill high school students we love.

Cast and Characters

Some characters made it to the finale episode. While others did not, they remain as people we have grown fond of.

Bethany Joy Lenz by Haley James Scott – Nathan’s wife

Paul Johansson as Dan Scott – Nathan and Lucas’ father

Craig Sheffer as Keith Scott – Dan’s brother who was killed by Dan in the 3rd season

Barry Corbin as Whitey Durnham – One Tree Hill high basketball team coach who retired by season 6

Moira Kelly as Karen Roe – Lucas’ mother

Barbara Alyn Woods as Deb Scott – Nathan’s mother

Lee Norris as Marvin “Mouth” McFadden – high school sportscaster

Antwon Tanner as Skills Taylor – a friend to the other One Tree Hill high school cast

Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina – started as a rival to Brooke but later became friends with them

Lisa Goldstein as Millicent Huxtable

Austin Nichols as Julian Baker – director and producer who becomes Brooke’s love

Robert Buckley as Clay Evans – Nathan’s agent who married Quinn (Haley’s sister) at the finale

Quinn James – Haley’s older sister

Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams – a regular cast who was involved at one point with Brooke, Alex, and Mia Catalino (played by Kate Voegele)

Jana Kramer as Alex Dupre – she was first introduced as the third party between Brooke and Julian

Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller – a singer who performs at Tree Hill, particulary TRIC (bar where the gang hangs out)

Jackson Brundage as James Lucas Scott – Nathan and Haley’s son

There are more cast and characters which appeared on the show during one of the seasons but it’s the names above which left a mark. Speaking of mark, it’s the high school episodes which I remember the most. I love husky voiced Brooke and the love triangle she shared with Lucas and Peyton. But it was of course Lucas and Peyton which were meant to be, no matter what. I also remember Peyton for the series of “People always Leave” caricatures she made as well all her other sketches. Although the rest of the cast were still closely followed by fans, One Tree Hill was never the same after Lucas and Peyton left the show.

Who won’t be able to relate with all the drama in One Tree Hill’s high school? There’s a son who can never be good enough for his father; another son who never knew his father; a rich brat who feels empty even if she seems to have it all; an artist who feels betrayed always; and more. Every single character introduced in the show, particularly during the high school chapters are people we can relate with. So with One Tree Hill finale episode already done, I'll say goodbye to the high school characters I love all over again.

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