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My Nokia Blog Posted my Nokia 808 Pureview Video in a Post

As the heading goes, My Nokia Blog posted a video I took using my Nokia 808 Pureview phone. The post was actually dated 8/26/2012 but I only stumbled upon it this morning. I was so ecstatic that I posted about it all over social media sites. 

The post was titled Collection: Nokia 808 PureView, Fireworks (Rich Recording test). My video was labeled at the post as “Mall of Asia, Philippines” because that’s where it was exactly shot. It was during one of those regular weekend nights at MOA where a fireworks display is offered at the far end of the mall grounds called SM by the Bay. It’s close to the concrete barriers protecting the mall area from high tides of Manila Bay. Incidentally, I also love this part of MOA for the opportunity to see sunset. It’s a thing of beauty to look at and all the more capture in static or moving film.

Going back to the post from My Nokia Blog, just scroll down to where you see, once again, “Mall of Asia, Philippines” with the username poetmars777 below the video. That’s also my YouTube channel. So if you would like to drop by my ghostly channel or even add me to your subscription list; I will definitely appreciate it and will return the favor. Incidentally, that same video I’ve been talking about was posted in an earlier post in this blog, a review on the Nokia 808 Pureview.

My Nokia Blog by the way is actually a random blog about anything related to Nokia. At first, I thought it was directly connected to Nokia itself, but then again, it turned out to be an independent blog. Nonetheless, the blog has a significant following which made me more excited about it.

So once more, thank you very much My Nokia Blog for including my video in your collection!

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