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X Factor Philippines Top 10 No More

Last Sunday night, the X Factor Philippines Top 10 is no more. The list of live contestants is down to 9.

But before the usual suspense filled announcement, Yeng Constantino and Jovit Baldovino performed with the top 10 contestants. It is notable to mention that both of them were produced by reality TV singing shows. Yeng became the Grand Star Dreamer for Pinoy Dream Academy in 2006, the local version of Endemol’s Star Academy. Jovit on the other hand won during the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent in 2010.

Like the previous results night, announcement of who will be performing again for next week followed after. The first five names were called: Take Off, KZ, Modesto, Jeric, and Gabriel. Then they went on with a short break. It’s noteworthy to say that the first act called was from the bottom 2 last week. This was what happened last week during the X Factor Philippines week 2 results night when Joan was first announced although she was one of the bottom 2 during week 1 of the X Factor Philippines.

Next, 3 more names were called: Joan, Kedebon, and Allen. Two acts from the group’s category were not safe: Daddy’s Home and AKAJAM. Daddy’s Home performed Maging Sino Ka Man by Rey Valera/Sharon Cuneta while AKAJAM sang Missing You by Tamia for the judge’s save. Charice sent Daddy’s Home home, Ms. Pilita chose AKAJAM, Martin sent home Daddy’s Home, and Gary had chosen AKAJAM.

I know it was heartbreaking for a mentor to pick among his own contestants. I don’t know if Gary V. was playing safe like Charice did last week and so sending home the female group to end up with a deadlock but that’s what happened. It could also be that his heart is really for the all male group of father’s taking that second chance in music. After all, they’re nearly of the same age. J But in today’s pop culture, AKAJAM has better chances of making it in the industry. Remember Maasinhon Trio from Pilipinas Got Talent season 3? They won just late last year but where are they now?

X Factor Philippines Top 10 AKAJAM

Like last week, the unexpected happens. AKAJAM was sent home packing by virtue of the audience’s votes. I was sick watching that night and I got sicker with the thought of a disappointing result. Another better talent was sent home over the rival bottom 2 performers. I am struggling just to put this piece together because I’m still sick right now but I really wanted to say a piece of my mind. J

It’s pretty obvious how fickle minded Filipino voters are. It’s really difficult to predict who gets the vote because one week you’re soaring high and the succeeding week, you’re plummeting down. I actually believed that AKAJAM will be one of the finale acts but now that they’re sent home, there’s really no way to tell who’s going to win this show at this point. But like other X Factor franchises, the group’s category is the first to be wiped out. We are yet to find if that happens in the X Factor Philippines.

One thing is certain for now; the X Factor Philippines Top 10 is no more as the number of contestants is down to 9.

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