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Makapiling Kang Muli GMA 7: So Who Do You Think Should Martin Choose?

Makapiling Kang Muli GMA 7 is about to conclude. With that, who do you think between Graciela and Leilanie should Martin choose?

Makapiling Kang Muli
Forgive me for writing about a soap opera by the way. I can’t help but watch too when everyone at home is also watching. Not that I’m a fan of the show nor teleseryes for that matter, but these shows are what our household watches. I’m upstairs in front of the computer all day and all night but I’d hear the characters on a dialogue downstairs and I’d check in to see when I hear something interesting. J

Now with one more week to go before the final episode, I believe Leilanie ends up with Martin anyway. The question above just asks about your opinion. As to why it is Leilani, that’s simply because her character was Martin’s love interest from the beginning even when they were still promoting the soap. Graciela was of course only an added conflict to spice up the story.


The whole plot is actually already complicated even without the love story. It starts through Rancho Paradiso with young Mara Silvestre-Valencia falling for Emilio, one of their servicemen. The lovers were caught by Mara’s husband (whom she doesn’t love) before they were able to elope and Emilio ends up being killed in a modern day duel by the young Roman. Mara was already pregnant with her true love’s child and managed to give birth to a child whom her mother thought was stillborn.

The child was entrusted upon one of their ranch personnel Mang Tino who took care of the child as if he was his own grandchild. The child grows up to be Martin who fell in love with Leilani, the daughter of the ranch’s lawyer. All was smooth until Leilani’s father was killed when he tried to warn the town’s priest about the Silvestre’s plan to assassinate him. The priest and the townsmen were actively protesting about the ranch owner’s illegal logging activities.

Leilani’s family left the town well aware that despite the fact that the Silvestre’s were responsible about her dad’s death, justice will not prevail in their locale. She vowed to come back someday as a lawyer to avenge her father’s death. Her mom died soon after and so is her love for Martin knowing that he doesn’t believe her at that time. Martin soon discovered that Leilani was right but couldn’t do anything. Martin falling for Graciela, Louie’s fiancée made the conflict worse as he was sent to prison because of it. Louie is Mara’s child with Roman.

At the prison, Martin made new acquaintances. These included Wesley, the son of a crime lord. Both break out of prison and were declared dead although the bodies found were phonies. Martin saved Amadeo’s life and they became allies. Martin also surpassed Wesley in terms of cunning and skill. This made Wesley spite Martin. Amadeo by the way is Wesley’s dad. The group head over Rancho Paradiso as a favor to Martin. Leilani was also part of Amadeo’s team. She became part of Amadeo’s troupe when her brother Kiefer was almost killed by Amadeo when the former was involved in drug dealing for the latter and lost his paraphernalia. Kieffer was spared because of Leilani’s plea.

The climax of the entire series occurred during the action packed episodes which included the following (in order):

·         Wesley was killed by Louie when he failed to bring his dad to the Silvestre father and son duo
·         Roman was jailed
·         Louie’s group started a literal war against Amadeo at his own home
·         Louie’s sister Lynley and Kieffer were trapped between warring camps and were both killed
·         Louie was shot and hospitalized during a duel against Martin
·         Roman was freed on bail
·         Amadeo barely escaped death when Roman paid to have him killed but died anyway while trying to escape prison

The last few episodes will be expected next week. But before it all ends, meet the cast and characters below.

Makapiling Kang Muli
Cast and Characters

Richard Guttierez as Martin Caballero
Carla Abellana as Leilani Angeles
Mark Anthony Fernandez as Louie Valencia
Sarah Lahbati as Graciela Montes
Gloria Romero as Soledad Silvestre (the matriarch of Rancho Paradiso)
Phillip Salvador as Amadeo Perez
Rio Locsin as Mara Silvestre-Valencia
Mark Gil as Roman Valencia
Robert Arevalo as Tino Caballero
John Lapus as George Aravena (comic friend of Martin at the ranch and Mang Tino’s nephew)
TJ Trinidad as Javier Lagdameo
Dominic Roco as Wesley Perez
Benedict Campos as Kieffer Angeles

More Cast and Characters:

Carmen Soriano as Claring Perez
Mike Lloren as Chief Captain Rodriguez
Bearwin Meily as Dexter
Ramon Christopher as Bartolome
Paolo Paraiso as Bodjie
Rocky Gutierrez as Brando
Robert Ortega as Durano
Lito Legaspi as Governor
Lester Llansang as Hans
Rosemarie Sarita as Anita
Princess Snell as Monina
Marc Justine Alvarez as Macmac
Sheree as Ara

Guest Cast:

Jennylyn Mercado as the young Mara
James Blanco as Emilio dela Rosa
Gabby Eigenmann as the young Roman
Jestoni Alarcon as Atty. Serafin Angeles
Lani Mercado as Nelia Angeles
Miguel Tangfelix as the young Martin
Anna Danielle Vicente as the young Leilani
Andrew Schimmer as Kyle Dancel
Dex Quindoza as Buboy


The program is directed by Ricky Davao with creative director Jun Lana. The story was developed by Des Garbes-Severino and written by Rona Sales, Jules Katanyag, and John Kenneth de Leon.

Time Slot

The show airs after Luna Blanca and before One True Love which is followed by Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break and the new Koreanovela Angel’s Temptation which replaced Lie to Me when the latter ended.

Leilani vs. Graciela over Martin

When Leilani went to Manila, it was over for her and Martin. She had also fallen in love with another (Dr. Javier Lagdameo). Martin on the other hand had Graciela. The latter married Louie when she thought Martin died. Leilani and Martin were back in each other’s arms though at the forest when she pretended to be Martin’s hostage to help him evade the police during Keiffer’s wake. However, Martin had to stick with Graciela because of her post traumatic disorder condition. She was earlier kidnapped by Louie to force Martin into surfacing from hiding.

It’s still Leilani for Martin in the end, that’s for sure. It was their love story since they were kids. Even the theme song “Hanggang Ngayon” by Kyla and Mark Bautista resounds that. But to ask who he should choose between two ladies is just hypothetical. It will be unfair for Martin to stay with Graciela just because of her condition. He can help her recover but not too long for Leilani to completely forget him and move on for good. Let’s just watch Makapiling Kang Muli to find out what happens. 

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