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Dog Eating in the Philippines

The Photobucket album above made me think about dog eating in the Philippines. With the cold rainy and sometimes even stormy season currently devastating the country these days, some people rely on “hot” foods to keep them warm.

Two sides of dog eating

There are two sides of dog eating. One side says, dog meat is warm; thus, is perfect for cold areas and weather. The other side says it is against animal rights. Not to mention studies or so indicating that the meat from dogs are infested.

I’ve never tasted dog food to confirm whether or not the meat indeed makes one warm. I thought I’ve had a taste of it when I was younger when they served me a dish from a nearby neighbors place’s special celebration. They told me it was dog meat after I devoured the entire plate and then said they were only joking. But I remember that it does taste good but is seemingly distinct and it was my first time to ever have a share of something like it. Still, it wasn’t dog meat but goat meat.

I’m no food scientist either to agree with the notion that dog meat is contaminated. But our Moslem as well as Adventist friends will agree that meat in general is filthy both literally and figuratively. Well anyway, all types of meat can become dirty when not handled properly. As for what the thought that it is against animal rights, I wonder why only dogs, cats, and a few other animals have this right. How come other animals like cows, pig, and chicken are allowed to be eaten? 

Dog eating in some cultures

For some cultures, dog eating can be a way of life. It’s part of their tradition. Some may even use dogs as part of their medical ritual or practice. Culture or not, I’d rather take a look at dogs in the manner they were shown in the album above. I don’t really want to the distaste of photos showing dogs being eaten and peddled on the streets so I didn’t post any other photos where dogs are shown in a different light other than the ones above.

So when you look at the dogs in the album on top, can you still eat animals as cuddly and lovely as they are? I’m not saying that other animals we eat are ugly. But you can’t deny the fact that dogs can be considered cleaner from the outside as compared to other animals.

Dogs in Baguio city

Those dogs in the album by the way are owned by my former neighbor’s in Loakan, a barrio in Baguio that is located near Kennon Road. Incidentally, this city is popular for the presence of countless dogs. The popularity is both positive and negative at the same time. Walk around Session Road especially in the late afternoon and you’d find half bred puppies for sale. Go further down SM Baguio all throughout Burnham Park particularly during weekends and you’d meet dog owners walking their dogs. Some are azkals, local dogs based from the term “asong kalye” or street dogs, and most are either full bred or half bred imported dogs like Siberian Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Labrador, German Shepherd, Shi Tzu, Chow Chow, and so much. Huskies will love the cold weather since they originally came from chilly countries. But I believe Labradors and Golden Retrievers are plenty. Most of them are half bred with native dogs. Drop by 50’s Diner too and you may catch a glimpse of the owners Chow Chow which is always beside his red vintage sports car.

As much as Baguio folks love taking care of dogs, I’m sure you’d heard the horror of some people in the city eating dogs too. How many smugglers of dogs from the lowlands were busted before they even reach Baguio’s pines? All too many and we’ve seen a lot of them over national, local, and web news.
As for me, I’m not a fan of dog eating but neither will I condemn the act. What about you? What do you think?

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