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X Factor Philippines Early Favorites to Watch Out For

The X Factor Philippines judges Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Charice Pempengco, and Ms. Pilita Corales had chosen who will advance to the next level, the boot camp. The question now will be who among the early favorites has what it takes to pass for the next round of judging and continue in the hope of winning 4 million pesos worth of prizes plus a recording contract? We are yet to find out.

X Factor Philippines


The audition has actually started as early as last year. In fact, a Facebook page for the show has already been active late 2011. The page had been posting updates on audition dates and location, judges, and so on. There was even a teaser showing popular faces in the Philippine music industry. One would think one of them could be the judges. The judges are already revealed though (see previous paragraph). But of course, the details available on the Facebook page were limited. No contestants were mentioned nor posted about until the show finally started to air over ABS-CBN last June 23. The show airs during weekend nights, Saturday and Sunday.

How the X-Factor Works

The X Factor Philippines follows the same format as the original show. First round auditions will be conducted in local areas in order to cater to an entire country. Next, second level screening will take place where everyone who had garnered at least 3 “YES” from 4 judges will be gathered. Here, no more than 25 for each 4 categories (boys, girls, groups, and over 30’s) will remain and will have the opportunity to visit the judges home for mentoring and further selection. The contestants who pass during this final selection process will have the opportunity to participate during the live competition where they would sing off for audience votes. Two contestants with the lowest votes will face the judges for a final voting where the judges chooses who goes home for the week. In case of a dead lock, the contestant with a lower number of audience votes between the last two remaining will be sent home. This will continue until the finale where only two contestants from any of the categories will remain for the final showdown.


The latest episode for X Factor Philippines shows the last leg of the auditions (Mindanao). Next week’s episode will be boot camp where every auditionee who at least received 3 “YES” votes from the 4 judges will be gathered for more performances and further screening. But the Facebook page of the program already shows groupings. Boys, girls, and groups are retained from the original concept except for the over 30’s category which is replaced by the over 25 category. But there are no kids apparently. The boys and girls category are aged 16-25. We are also yet to know which judge will be assigned to a specific category.

Early Favorites

Going back to the early favorites of the show, here are some of them:

KZ Tandingan, 20

She sings ska and reggae plus raps too. Her rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow is refreshingly new.

Jeffrey Osang Soliven, 31

Now that’s how you sing “Bodies” from Drowning Pool! He’s Mr. or Ms. Bombastic alright!

Paulo Castro, 27

The self-confessed gay singer who is starting to believe in himself again (thanks to his beau) by singing and dancing “The Way You Make Me Feel” from Michael Jackson.

Noel Cosca Jr., 25

He’s the big guy with a similarly big voice.

John Peter Bryant Caimbon, 25

Singing to your girlfriend in front of a crowd to profess your love is worth more than 4 million!

Jordan Bautista, 25

Yes, he’s Christian Bautista’s younger brother. They look and sing alike.

Daddy’s Home, 31-39

It’s never too late to start a singing career. These guys prove it.

Takeoff, 23-26

Young and good looking group, let’s find out if it’s the time for their music career to take off.

There are a lot more who are worthy to be listed here, but these are my picks so far. If you have your own pick, feel free to use the comment form below and share your thoughts.

Photo credits from the show’s Facebook page

Standout Audition Pieces

As for audition pieces, a standout for me will be that of KZ Tandingan and Jeffrey Osang Soliven. Incidentally, both of them were last auditionees for their specific audition date/place leg. 

KZ Tandingan X Factor Philippines Audition

Jeffrey Osang Soliven X Factor Philippines Audition

So which of those who pass the first level audition will remain standing during boot camp? Let’s find out during next weekend’s episodes.



172 contestants who passed the initial audition were further screened at Day 1 of boot camp at PAGCOR in Parañaque City. Auditionees were grouped into boys, girls, over 25, and group and were assigned one song for each category. "Without You" by Usher for girls, "Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka" by Basil Valdez for boys, "It's my Life" by Bon Jovi for the over 25, and "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga for the groups. Everyone in my list above made it for the top 68 and went on for Day 2 of  boot camp  for the dancing challenge. 

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