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Top 100 and Close to 50k Views for Free Minds Free Lines

Let me post this milestone for Free Minds Free Lines before that current rank below for Top Blogs Ph dips any lower. This blog is getting closer to 50,000 views and was able to reach the top 100 blogs for (Personal blogs category) in the past few days (see image screenshot below). Although it lasted for only a few days, I am already thrilled that this blog was even able to reach such a feat.

50,000 views reached! 

Free Minds Free Lines Current Status on Stats which Matter

This blog is on a PR 1 status. That’s not the bottom as there’s page rank 0. Global rank as per is at 1.8 M something. Hey, it was at 1.9 or so a few weeks back so there’s an improvement. That’s also already noteworthy for a meek blog as this considering the fact that there are billions of websites in the world. For local rank, there’s no data yet. Number of linking sites is just a little over 50. So 100 should be a good goal. The links are manually placed because I don’t want to pay for a service (link building) I can actually perform. Problem is, I barely have time to do so. I actually hired a popular SEO company but I didn’t get the results I wanted. The whole ordeal deserves a separate post.

As for page views, it’s getting closer to 10,000 per month (which is also another goal) with every month passing by. The highest number of views recorded for this blog only started these past few months as the number of content also increases and as the domain name matures. As a blog or site grows older and the number of posts grow, so is the rank. A higher rank means better chances of landing in search engine results. This of course leads to more views. There are other factors for search engine rank of course, such as keyword selection, but that’s another story. You may also target other sources of traffic including social media and email subscribers. 

My Goal         

My goal was actually to reach the top 100 even for a day but this blog received the #73 rank. When I first submitted my blog to, my blog often showed an empty rank number because it was always at the very bottom of the list. Only the top 1000 are ranked. I’ve seen progress with these months gone by and this blog’s rank is rising slowly.

With #73 showing, I took a screenshot when it was still showing such a number recently. I hope that this blog consistently remains in the top 100 soon. As for page views, I have a specific target goal and it’s getting closer to that daily. It’s nothing phenomenal. In fact, my objective is actually only humble. I’m still a struggling poor blogger anyway so nothing changes. 

Even my other goals in terms of number of posts, links, page rank, global rank, earnings, and so on are modest. It’s better to have a more realistic target so you can surely achieve it. That way, you won’t be disappointed in case you’re unable to attain it. But once you’ve reached the lowly objective, you can slowly move on to greater heights. But still, the next target should be achievable.

Like for example, you have only 20 something number of posts, your target should be to reach a total of 100 posts. When you’ve reached the goal, you can slowly increase the total number of posts in a slow increment such as 250 (I don’t even have 200), 500, 750, 1000 and so on. That’s a lot of posts but really, the top blogs have thousands of posts under their name.

How Many Blog Posts Should You Publish Daily/Weekly/Monthly?

Speaking of posts, if you are blogging and have the intention for your blog audience or reach to grow (I hope so, otherwise you’re blogging for yourself with an online diary you alone will read ;), these are the recommended number of posts you should publish depending on your objective:

Numerous posts daily – maximum growth potential
One post per day – steady growth
2 to 3 times weekly – slow growth
Less than 2 times per week – even slower growth

The latter is suggested for those who are only maintaining blogs as a hobby and have no intentions of growing a reader network. As for me, I started out under the last bracket for the longest time as far as I can remember. Then I moved up to the third on the list. I am still struggling to be under the second group but I’m nowhere close to the first range yet. How about you? by the way is the number one blog and website directory in the Philippines. You’d find sites and blogs from various categories being listed on the site. So if you are a Filipino based blogger or site owner based anywhere in the world, you may submit your blog to this directory for recognition and greater exposure.

As for Free Minds Free Lines, this blog has a long way to go. As we say it in the local tongue, “marami ka pang kakaining bigas.” But with the way things are going, there sure are better days ahead.

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