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The Wonder that is Kennon Road Baguio City

Kennon Road Baguio City isn’t the only zigzag road in the world or in the Philippines. In fact, there are numerous other similar places in the country. But Kennon Road is a wonder. It’s too wonderful that I even pondered upon the thought of free falling through it, at least figuratively like that heroine from one of those popular Chinese films. The valley was supposedly endless but down below Kennon Road Baguio City, it’s not.

Let’s not think of gruesome thoughts though. I’d like to keep Kennon Road a thing of beauty in my mind. I really enjoy looking over the window whenever we drive while ascending uphill. We normally pass through the entire stretch of Kennon Road from Camp 1 to Camp 7 in less than an hour. You can actually drive it in 45 minutes if the weather is good and if you’re already familiar with every twist and turn.

Kennon Road vs. Marcos Highway

In case you’re commuting through a public transportation from the lowland, choose pedestrian vans because they normally traverse Kennon Road. Most major bus lines from Manila to Baguio like Victory, Saulog, and Genesis travel via Marcos Highway. It’s always a battle between these two routes like a Kennon Road vs. Marcos Highway bout. The third contender, Naguilan Road is incomparable to these two. Naguilan by the way is used if you’re coming from La Union to Baguio.

Comparing Kennon Road vs. Marcos Highway, the route through Kennon Road is definitely shorter but ascending is very noticeable that you may feel like throwing up if it’s your first time. The trail through Marcos Highway on the other hand is longer and steeper. Some parts of the highway are actually narrower and are even missing; you’d see one side of the road as if it’s suspended over mid air while the other half had fallen all the way down below. It’s also foggy especially during late afternoon so it’s dangerous when the road is covered with thick fog with added smog.

Between these two, Kennon Road is still a more preferred way. In fact, hundreds of vehicles including private cars and delivery trucks pass by this road daily. Imagine how much toll they collect! Well, anyway the funds are used to preserve Kennon Road’s conditions.

Kennon Road Must Stop Places

Either way, both roads will offer a majestic view from your window. You’ll love it more if you’re on a private vehicle so you can at least stop for a snapshot outside. Some of the must stop places along Kennon Road include Colorado Falls, Twin Peaks, Lion Head, and the Kennon Road View Deck where you can see the entire zigzag road from above.

While climbing uphill, you would already feel the cold weather and breeze at Camp 4. But don’t expect the pine tree scent greeting. That was like a decade or so ago. I don’t know if I’m just nostalgic but I seem to smell the pines when we travel through Marcos Highway. From Kennon Road on the other hand, the pine scent is seemingly present when you pass near BMC (Baguio Medical Center). Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.

Although I love what several places within Baguio City has to offer, I enjoy Kennon Road even more. We all know it was constructed in the early 1900’s when the Americans were still exploring the country after the Spaniards were defeated. Details of history set aside; Kennon Road Baguio City remains a wonder to me. 

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