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Got Me A Free Starbucks Complimentary Beverage!

Must be my lucky day! Out of all customers in a Starbucks café somewhere in Paranaque (guess where?), I was randomly chosen to answer a survey online in exchange for a Starbucks complimentary beverage. Check out the image below. I’ve printed a screen shot of the confirmation page containing the Starbucks complimentary beverage ID. Note: The ID was already used and the free drink is of course no longer available.

Starbucks Complimentary Beverage

There was another reason for taking pictures during that specific visit to Starbucks. One of the city councilors, Jose Enrico T. Golez was also there. He was very close to where we were sitting. In fact, he was seated almost right beside me! Except that there was a glass wall between us. :) I was thinking of snapping a photo, ala paparazzi style but I don’t want to become disrespectful. Not to mention the fact that he might have bodyguards within the area who are not obviously visible. He was sitting with only one person, a friend or colleague most likely. A lady went up to him for a little chat with a matching hand shake, probably another citizen who wants to pay respect to a local official. I wanted to do the same but we were about to leave and I was hesitant to do so. Darn, I missed a photo opportunity! 

from the Paranaque city official site
But going back to the survey, so I logged on and completed the Starbucks customer satisfaction survey the moment I got home. There were a series of questions to be completed. Due to the proprietary nature of the survey, I didn’t copy nor printed a screen shot of the pages. Let me just say that the questionnaire pertains to a few details including what you’ve ordered during that specific visit, your comments about your order, how often do you order them, how many times have you been to that specific café, what can you say about the café in terms of cleanliness, orderliness, ventilation, etc., what are your thoughts about the café’s customer service as well as the crew who had serviced you, and more. So I answered accordingly. My responses were positive anyway.

So during the next visit to the same Starbucks café location in Paranaque, I was able to take advantage of the free drink. You can actually choose any drink you want but it is limited to the tall size only so there is a need to pay for an upgrade to grande or venti in case you wanted a bigger drink size. Nonetheless, a free drink is still a free drink and it is Starbucks at that. 

For all Starbucks fanatics and coffee addicts out there, good luck! Hope you get to experience a free drink too. 

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