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Be Careful with my Heart Teleserye on ABS-CBN

Be Careful with my Heart Teleserye on ABS-CBN

Be Careful with my Heart teleserye over ABS-CBN has redefined prime time on Philippine television. Through this show and its increasing ratings, prime time happens not only at night but is also in the morning now.


This teleserye starts at 10:45 AM and is aired weekdays from Monday to Friday right after the Korean drama Two Wives and before Showtime.


The storyline is simple. You can even compare it to the epic Broadway musical and movie “Sound of Music.” There is no singing though and the setting is of course at present. Here, a father becomes a widower and is always busy at work. A yaya comes into the picture that takes care of his kids. We all know that they fall in love with each other soon.

In Be Careful with my Heart, the father is Ricardo “Chief” Lim and the yaya is Maya Dela Rosa who attends to the youngest of the hero’s three children, Abby who is a special child. Maya’s positive outlook will help the Chief lighten up in life, will improve his relationship with his children, and will have him fall for her. Although these are yet to happen, I’m sure it’s going to fall into place as the story progresses. All the other details including Maya’s provincial home and personal conflicts are just additional spice to the story.

The complete list of cast and characters is listed below.

Cast and Characters


Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya Dela Rosa
Richard Yap as Ricardo "Chief" Lim
Mutya Orquia as Abigail "Abby" Lim
Jerome Ponce as Luke Lim
Janella Salvador as Nikki Lim


Aiza Seguerra as Cristina Rose "Kute" Dela Rosa
Gloria Sevilla as Manang Fe
Sylvia Sanchez as Teresita Dela Rosa
Divina Valencia as Mamang
JM Ibañez as Cho
Robert Ortega as Fred
Pen Medina as Arturo
Kalila Aguilos as Liza
Paul Jake Castillo as Simon
Dionne Monsanto as Emy
Sunshine Garcia as Stephanie
Micah Muñoz as Joma
Nick Lizaso as Julio Demornay
Rita Rosario G. Carlos as Doris
Twinkle Dy as Jocelyn
Antonette Garcia as Millie
Sunshine Garcia as Stephanie
Vivieka Vivieka as Sabel
Dionne Monsanto as Emy
Ya Chang as Engineer

Special Participation:

Ping Medina as Young Arturo
Beauty Gonzalez as Young Teresita
Sunshine Cruz as Alexandra Lim

My Thoughts

Although the plot is simple and quite predictable, like any other love story often told, we all fall for these types of shows for the sheer “kilig” and feel good factor. In most cases, we can even relate to the heroine’s financial struggle in life and yet despite her own needs, she remains a good person who is honest and sincerely shows concern as well as love for everyone else.

Jodi Sta. Maria is perfect for her role as the simple, promdi (from the) province, young, enthusiastic Maya. Richard Yap; whom people had first loved as Papa Chen is also ideal for the character her portrays.

The pacing for Be Careful with my Heart is actually slow and there’s not even any hint of a developing love interest yet but the same pending status makes housewives and everyone at home glued to their T.V. screens late in the morning.


  1. The flow of the story as it runs in a slow pace depicts relity especially on the lives of governess and educated nannies. The character of Ser Chief relates practical insight to widowers who are left raising their children . Stories of nannies that had love affairs with their "chiefs" are instances the nannies could vividly feel sentiments about. I love and enjoy the dialogues, they are heart-warming and very romantic at times. Keep up the good acting Jodi and Richard. Looking forward to a nice ending of the story, hope its not tragedy of any sort.....

  2. Hi there! Honestly, I used to be a fan of the show cause of its 'feel-good' impact on the audiences, it's wholesomeness and it's a show anyone can enjoy. And yeah, like what the previous comment said, it reflects real life. But, the freaking slow pacing of the show, it kinda irks me tho. As time went by, I lost interest in watching it..well, I still watch it just to know what's currently happening but not to the point that I wanna know every single detail per episode. I actually thought Maya and Sir Chief getting married is the grand finale of BCWMH, because obviously, the show's main concept is the maid and the amo falling in love and ending up together, right? Kinda reminded me of Maid in Manhattan by J.Lo (well, haven't seen the movie but I'm pree sure this is how the movie went though)

    The show had a good run already. And, since lots of viewers loved the characters, esp. Jodi and Richard Yap, I don't think they'd lose projects at the TV network.

    Just my opinion tho. :)

  3. Sa Maid in Manhattan, JLo was a hotel chambermaid. I agree with you. This teleserye was fun at the beginning, before the main characters became an item. I don't watch it regularly now because it had lost the original kilig factor at the start. It's turning into a neverending telenovela now. :) But you can't blame the network. People love the show and it's characters so like a surfer's tide, they ride the wave. :)


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