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Will Jessica Sanchez Win American Idol 2012?

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez is now part of the finalists who will battle it out at the last stretch of American Idol 2012. But will her talent and charm be enough to win America’s votes? We are yet to find out.

Jessica Sanchez was able to reach as high as the top 2 finalists for American Idol. It’s something that other singers with Filipino blood weren’t able to reach. Jasmine Trias was able to make it up to the top 3 back in season 3 of American Idol. But Jessica Sanchez is almost close to the championship belt.

Speaking of belt, another belt worth noting here is related to boxing. It’s coincidental that Jessica is part Filipino and part Mexican. We all know how Filipinos and Mexicans are always head to head when it comes to boxing titles. This fact can be both favorable and unfavorable for her. Mexicans may vote for her because of her father but may actually refuse to do so because of her mother. As for Filipinos, they will vote for her despite the racial mix.

Nonetheless, both Filipinos and Mexicans combined is still a minority in the U.S. Even her home town won’t be enough to buy her the votes she needs. It will still be up to the entire America to decide her fate in the AI finals.

So who will most likely win America’s vote? We have to consider the fact that Jessica was almost eliminated during the top 6 results. She was only saved by the judges for their one season only save option. That alone proves that she still lacks enough charm. She was never part of the bottom 3 since then anymore at least.

It’s also notable to mention that during the past few seasons, the winner was not the better singer. In fact, popularity decided the winners of the past few seasons. Such was the case of winners Scotty McCreery over Lauren Alaina, Lee DeWyze against Crystal Bowersox, and Kris Allen over Adam Lambert. It’s a given that the winners can sing but they can’t belt out better than their respective runner ups. The past four winners of American Idol were also male contestants. This can be attributed to the fact that most voters are female who will naturally root for male contestants, particularly good looking ones.

In one article at Sosyalan.com, a fearless forecast says Jessica Sanchez will only be a runner up and will not win AI season 11. Read the full article and learn about such reasons here – Fearless Forecast: Jessica Sanchez is a Runner Up.

As for me, I have no doubt that sheer talent alone can let her woe audiences for votes. But I’m still thinking twice if that will be enough to make her win the competition. See reasons cited above. That’s something we are yet to learn about once the final results night come. I’ll return to this post by then and make a follow up about why my thoughts were right or wrong.

Whatever the case is, best of luck Jessica Sanchez!

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