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On Dealing with All Types of Customers

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I don’t have a business but I deal with various clients on a daily basis via email and messaging platform. So I do understand how to deal with all types of customers. I’ve also worked for the business process outsourcing industry for about five years so I’m still very well equipped with customer service skills I need when it comes to dealing with people.

Whenever I am a customer, I always have something to say, if not verbally at least at the back of my head. Not that I’m tripping each time, it’s just that being accustomed to providing service for other people directly or indirectly even as a freelancer, I get offended when I am not provided with excellent or at least satisfactory service the way I do so for other individuals and companies.

What I’m fussing about is a local car shop in a provincial metro where I live. We were inquiring about having our new windshield tinted. The other window glasses are already tinted so there’s no need for those. This makes the job requirement a very simple windshield tint and of course will mean minimal fees only.

Apparently, the car shop was busy that day and there were numerous cars lined up for repair or for any other service. So the owner or one of the mechanics simply shoved us away saying he will not have time to attend to us. He never even spoke to us and only sent the message through the front desk clerk.

I don’t know if that would make other people furious. As for me, I simply shook my head in dismay. It was the way they treat their customers which disappointed me. I’ve seen our car window tinted before so I know for a fact that the whole thing won’t last longer than 15 minutes. It won’t steal too much of their time to attend to us despite numerous jobs lined up. Also, even if the services we need today are only minute in details, who knows? We might hire their services for more jobs in the future. With that, they have lost us as customers and everyone else we will be influencing. We won’t be recommending them and we will never be back at their door again.

Dealing with all types of customers must be done with no bias and prejudgment. I believe that no matter how trivial the services needed are, a customer is still a customer. Thus, every customer, small or big must be respected and provided with services they need. It’s not always about the money. It’s about customer service too.

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