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What I Miss in the Call Center Life

Posting pictures in the past few posts made me stumble upon a lot of photos, including pictures taken during the call center life I use to live. I suddenly missed that life and the experiences attached to it. 

If you have been employed in call center jobs at one point and are no longer associated with it, I’m sure there are lots of things you will miss as well. I’ll jot down some of those I’m missing.


It’s the call center people I’m missing the most. They’re no different from any human, but admit it, there is a distinction between call center people and those who are not. It’s probably due to the zombie experience. Sleep all day, calls all night scenario on a daily basis. Yes, even during weekends and holidays if you have a schedule. I miss the clashing and differing personalities from the hampaslupa (poor) types to the alta sociodad (high society) ones; loud versus silent; prim and proper against free spirited; geek versus cool; monsters against beauties; and so on. You’ll find all sorts of folks during your call center life.

I miss the call center people I know and how we can be so loud in the pantry area and sometimes even in the actual work floor. We get so hyped up in speaking English that we chat with colleagues in this tongue even in public transports, malls, roadsides, everywhere else and anytime too, even and especially when drunk. Speaking of drinking, I miss call center people and how we drink after logging out in the morning and are still drinking till the next day during day off. Yes, it’s a 24 hours drinking session and drinking is in the morning most of the time.


Next, I miss the call center environment. Everything associated with the call center experience including answering calls, dealing with varying types of callers (from the challenging to the accommodating), rotating and shifting schedules (I’ve tried almost all types of schedules except mid shift), power dressing or dress ups, work station rules and mischief, door entry badge, coffee and energy drinks (Sting, Cobra, Extra Joss, Red Bull, Gatorade, etc. for energy drinks and Starbucks being the call center favorite coffee), food trips or eating out, shopping spree, drinking sessions, zombie mode (sleep all day, awake all night), speaking straight English in and out of the center, and so much more.

Just standing infront of one of the call center companies I used to work for makes me feel nostalgic of the call center life environment already. Then comes a taho (delicacy made from soy similar to the process used for tofu, except that the latter is more solidified and the former is loose and almost in liquid form) vendor to complete the early morning ritual of hot taho and nothing else for breakfast. My morning life in a call center before was never complete without it.


In contrast to the food and sleep deprivation while within the walls of a call center environment, it’s the so-called comatose type of sleep after work during opportune moments coupled with a pig out season when eating out. I had feasted in countless fast food joints and restaurants, thanks to a good paying call center life. I can consider it one of the perks of working in a call center company. The salary date may differ depending on the company you work for, but such a date is always something all call center peeps look forward to; hoping there are bonuses, incentives, and additional pay on top of the usual salary.

Brand New Car and Bonuses

Winning a brand new car was the best benefit I’ve ever received while working as a call center agent. I won during a nationwide anniversary special of one of the top call center companies in the Philippines. I’ve also earned more than Php 50,000 in sales commission alone at one point and I was never even a sales agent. It was only a customer referral sort of program. All other bonuses summed up during the entire time I was working at the B.P.O. (business process outsourcing) is not even included. I also have to mention HMO (health maintenance organization) cards which I was able to take advantage of during several occasions including the time when I was pregnant till I gave birth.

Although not all call center companies offer the same perks, a majority can at least provide HMO coverage, competitive salary, and performance incentives or commissions.

No longer living a call center life

I’m no longer living a call center life but my work right now is still very much inclined with the B.P.O. industry. I write for outsourcing companies from overseas.

I may not be living a call center life anymore but my life has been shaped by all experiences I’ve had while I was still working as a call center agent. I am grateful for everything I’ve learned and for who I am because of the call center life I use to live.

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