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Unofficially Yours Cinema Review (Guest Post)

The previous Unofficially Yours review post is gaining a remarkable number of readers since it was posted. Thus, here’s another take on the same movie by a different writer.

Impact on human emotion is one of the elements when one writes a cinema review.  Critics usually base their judgment on how great or lousy a movie is by exacting what emotions the movie had provoked.  In the case of Unofficially Yours, there are two kinds of emotions that this writer felt after watching the movie, the movie feels wanting and confused. 

Unofficially Yours
Unofficially Yours is the latest offering from Star Cinema which is known for producing glossy movies.  Most cinema reviews from this production always declare trite and cliché story lines.  It is very refreshing when a movie like Unofficially Yours is produced.  The movie deals with a theme that is happening but no one wants to discuss about it.  Initially, one will take note of the semblance in some of Hollywood movies like Friends with Benefits or Love and Other Drugs.  But there are differences, for one culture plays a part on how the characters developed, particularly in the case of Ces (played by Angel Locsin).

The story of Unofficially Yours starts with a one night stand between Mackie (portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz) and Ces in a beach resort.  Never would they suspect that they will eventually meet again and this time they have a relationship as newspaper employees.  They got to work side by side as the story calls for Ces to mentor him on the ins and outs of journalism, of course not on writing cinema reviews as Angel’s character is a lifestyle editor in the movie.  Naturally, fires were ignited and they continue what they started.  However, the conflict starts to develop when Mackie realized that he is falling in love with Ces.  There lies the problem, as Ces is not just into the commitment thing because of previous love trauma.    

This is where the feeling of confusion starts to set in.  Just like most Filipinos, Mackie and Ces adapt western behavior yet tend to cling on traditional values.  While the dialogues of the movie are not cheesy, however, the lines uttered are not quite convincing.  Some lines work because it focuses on the fun aspect of the relationship.  What the movie needs are lines that will really convince movie goers why Ces and Mackie really hit it off.  While watching this movie, the Miriam Quiambao fiasco in a Miss Universe pageant question and portion years ago came into this writer’s mind.  The similarity lies in the fact Filipinas want to project a modern and liberated image yet they cannot say the right thing to prove they are one. 

Moviegoers did not notice this confusion flaw as they are covered by the usual glossiness of Star Cinema movies.  It has good chemistry of the leading actors, handled by a competent director, fast pace editing; and that’s just it.  Other Unofficially Yours review posts will totally agree with this writer in proclaiming that the movie’s lack of depth is hidden by offering a glossy production.  Thus, serious cinema review professionals will naturally be turned off in this area.  As a whole, Unofficially Yours is entertaining but definitely it won’t make to annual best movie list.  

*This post is written by Alden Bula


  1. It's like 500 Days of Summer if you'll ask me. or maybe it's just me after all. :)

    1. Hmm.. you're the first who said so. I love 500 Days of Summer, I'm wondering about the similarity between these films?


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