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Free Pictures of Sunset and Sunrise

Here are free pictures of sunsets and sunrises. I’d rather share it here than in royalty free image sites. But if you do use them, I hope you credit this site at least. These photos are not of the best quality but they were captured in my best light. That’s because I simply love taking photos of sunrise and sunset. Both of them are speaking the same language as if talking to me directly about life.

These are some of the free pictures of sunsets and sunrises I’d like to share. They were taken from different locations all over Luzon. To start with, one sunset picture is found below. The sunset covered by dispersing clouds create a fiery hue. This is from Sucat road in Paranaque, at Santana Grove, if you’re familiar with the area.

 Pictures of Sunset and Sunrise

Next three images are free sunset pictures from Manila bay via Mall of Asia. All three also feature clouds but in a different light. The clouds are also parting in these photos but not too obvious and that the partition is exclusive in a certain area alone. This sends rays of light from the sun passing through the clouds as if slowly peeking out of a window. The presence of other elements like a boat from afar across Manila bay and two persons standing on the gigantic sea wall at MOA’s far end adds a human touch to sunset images free.

Lastly, two sunrise pictures (free) from NLEX on a speedy moving car can be seen below. At first sight, you may mistake these free sunrise images to be sunset photos. Personally, I couldn’t see any difference between the sunrise photos free and the sunset ones. They appear to be similar at all angles. You will only know that one group is different from the other by actually being there at the time when the images were shot.

So there you have it, sunrise pictures (free download) and sunsets too. I love both groups. There is literal beauty in each of them. As for the figurative sense of these images, sunrise often denotes hope while sunset an end. Although I’d agree that sunrise definitely fits new beginnings perfectly, I’d rather see sunset not as an ending to anything but as a culmination of a successful day in life, which is why we often hold celebrations and parties at night. It also marks the start of the night when had our needed rest for our weary thoughts and tired bodies.

Sunrise and sunset are interconnected to each other. One cannot be called better than the other since both co-exist and are important to each other. Just like life, there is a balanced mix of experiences with some deemed as good and others perceived as bad. Either way, both should be embraced to be a natural part of life just like sunset and sunset are both a part of a day. 

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