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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging

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One of the site owners I write for had asked about the revenue I earn from this blog and if I rely on ads alone. My immediate reply was that this blog is not really an earning blog. It exists for various other reasons. So even if I sometimes feel like abandoning this blog for good, I find more reasons why I shouldn’t stop blogging. These can be the same reasons why you should continue blogging as well.

Sharing is caring

You probably read the lines “sharing is caring” countless times over the Internet. That is because sharing information and knowledge online is definitely about caring. This should also be the ultimate purpose behind a blog and one of the reasons why you shouldn’t stop blogging.


Through what you share in a blog, you gain recognition from others. They can look up to you as an authority and refer to your site when they want to learn about something. In some cases, you may even earn an award of some sort or become famous like a lot of bloggers out there.

Let off steam

This blog started as an online journal where I simply write my thoughts. It still serves the same purpose to this date with the addition of the “sharing and caring” idealism. You too can let off steam through a blog. You can rant or rave, whichever pleases you to do. You can write about anything and everything under the sun, even your deepest secrets provided you write anonymously.

Reach out

You can also reach out to others by blogging. You can share about your issues in life and how you cope up with it. Others may stumble upon your blog and find inspiration through your personal story. All other topics can also potentially draw attention from readers worldwide.

Earn money

Notice that to earn money by blogging is listed at the end of this list? That’s because it shouldn’t be the main purpose behind a blog, especially a personal one at that. True, you can earn money by blogging but it’s not fast and it’s not a lot. If the money is all you’re after me, you may end up disillusioned if things don’t go your way.

If you intend to display ads to earn an income through your blog, your first problem should be traffic. You need to gain enough traffic towards your blog, spark enough interest to encourage readers to remain long enough within the blog, and to expect conversion. These three are inseparable. You can gain traffic through SEO (search engine optimization) and social bookmarking (networking) but that doesn’t necessarily mean you earn money right away. It’s like a store where potential customers flock to you but only a few buys. So you should think of a means to urge them to buy.

Aside from displaying advertisement, you can also consider affiliate marketing and an online shop. In the former, you promote third party products and gain a commission for each item sold through your blog. In the latter, you can utilize your blog to sell products and services directly.

As for me, these are the same reasons why I continue blogging even if I am too busy or lazy sometimes. I do hope that you’ll find these to be the same reasons why you shouldn’t stop blogging either.

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