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Facebook Ad for Your Site, Blog, or Page

There had been numerous posts on how to promote your blog, site, or page through various options available online. Some of which include Digg or Reddit, directories, and Social Monkee to name just a few. In this post, let’s talk about the potential of promoting your website, blog, or page through a Facebook ad.

The best way to illustrate the use of Facebook ads is to actually have one. I created one for www.pinoylocaljobs.com. I wrote about it in a previous post - Pinoy Local Jobs with its Domain Name and Facebook Ad and even included a screenshot of how the advertisement looks like. The steps on creating an ad are pretty much self explanatory. You just need to start by clicking on ‘ads’ on the left side of the home page or if not, you can click on ‘Create an Ad’ on the right side, still on the home page.  

The steps which will follow are very easy to accomplish. Click on the green Create an Ad tab and fill out all fields which include Design Your Ad, Targeting, and Campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling. Design Your Ad will ask you for the Destination. It can be a Facebook page or an external URL. If you have pages already setup, they will show up on the drop down menu. As for an external site, you need to choose the appropriate option and fill out the site’s address, title, and the message body for your ad. You need to upload an image as well.

Next, you choose options for Targeting. These include location, demographics, interests, and connections on Facebook. Should you choose to display advanced demographics, more interests, relationship status, and education & work are also included. Campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling follow next. This include the campaign name, budget (can be per day or for a lifetime), schedule, and pricing (can be pay per impressions or CPM and pay per clicks or CPC).

If I may suggest, CPM is more effective as it allows your ad to be displayed for target users and you pay only for every thousand impressions only. Whether people click on it or not, you pay the same thing. As for pricing, you can choose the lowest minimum bid allowed. If you choose 0.02 and your budget is $30 (the minimum allowed for a full month’s campaign), your ad will be displayed 50 times for every dollar and 1,500 times for the whole budget. This multiplied by 1,000 impressions; your ad is displayed in 1,500,000 accounts all throughout the entire campaign period.

Facebook ad payment

Here comes the tricky part though, you need a credit card in order to complete the payment process. Locally, an EON Cyber VISA debit card or a Payoneer Mastercard Debit Card will do if you don’t have any. These are the primary method used by most freelancers when withdrawing money directly from freelancing accounts or through PayPal aside from local banks and other options.

Facebook Ad Coupon

Although the amount you pay for will be worth it considering the exposure your site, blog, or page gets, you can still save money. You can use a Facebook Ad Coupon. I’ve scoured the web for various sites and services offering Facebook Ad coupons and stumbled upon one very effective site. The image here shows the type of FB ad coupons they offer and the site where you can purchase the coupons is located at the URL www.adcouponcode.com.

To use the coupon, you need to setup the ad first and submit your payment method option. You will be provided an option to use a coupon once the card details are given. There are terms which must be followed, however, which you need to follow when using the Facebook Ad Coupon. Otherwise, it won’t work. You should not have used a Facebook ad coupon before. You cannot use the coupon for multiple accounts with the same credit card information. The coupon only works for a single account. Your primary payment option should be validated first before the coupon can be redeemed. More on the rules once you purchase an ad coupon.

Why use a Facebook ad

As to why a Facebook ad is effective when it comes to promoting your site, blog, or page, the answer lies in the potential of social media and social networking in general. There are millions of users who are actively participating in social network sites, particularly Facebook. A Facebook page does the trick but is only limited within the actual users who have already stumbled upon your page. A Facebook ad on the other hand, reaches out even to those who have yet not encountered your site but are well within your target audience.

A Facebook ad can greatly help spread the word about your site, blog, or page. It’s even easy to setup one and is not costly to do so. Coupled with a Facebook ad coupon, it becomes even more affordable. So start promoting your site, blog, or page today through a Facebook ad.

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