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Revitol, Health Buy, and Market Health

So what are Revitol, Health Buy, and Market Health? They’re linked to each other and I’ll be writing why. 

I mentioned about a little bit expensive online purchase I normally wouldn’t spend money for in this blog post - Union Bank over the Phone Customer Service Assistance Experience. It’s the Revitol Scar cream. I’ve read a few things about it all over the web so I’d like to give it a try. Not that I’m full of scars, but there is an unsightly scar I had since childhood that I would surely want to eliminate or at least to lessen the appearance of. It was from an accident while playing without worries.

Running to and fro a huge carabao cart (something you can only see in farm areas) with friends, the owner who was an old widow scolded us over it. In my shock, I jumped over board and fell straight down barb wires. A wire caught my right leg and peeled off a portion of the skin and flesh in the same way they butcher a pig. Gruesome isn’t it? OK, so enough of that. To cut it short, the scar kept me from wearing anything too short.

Going back to Revitol, I made a mini-blog about it which I intend to add personal contents to as the progress of using the product occurs. The blog is actually a mess right now but just to say what it is, it’s Revitol Scar Removal. I also plan to sell the cream, should it ever work on me. If you’re wondering about the prices, you can check it out by ordering on the product’s official site (click here). For the sake of fair trade, I wouldn’t want to divulge that much info when it comes to prices. But let me just mention that there are discounts when you order more items. 

Revitol and Health Buy

So how does Health Buy enter the picture? The site simply manages Revitol among other products. Aside from discounted prices for more items ordered, Health Buy even offers free monthly refill to replenish your supply. You only pay for the shipping after the first order is consumed. As for me, I got a 6-month (discounted of course) supply so I can’t get any replenishment bottle until August.

Revitol and Market Health

I actually heard about Revitol through Market Health and I found out about Market Health due some reviews I got to write about - African Mango and Breast Actives. Got mini-sites for these too (African Mango Plus Review and Breast Actives Info) and have plans for them in the future. Market Health is a site which manages affiliate programs for Health Buy and its products are mostly in the beauty and health area. Revitol is one of the products they endorse.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program by the way enables you to earn commissions for promoting products and services. It can be considered marketing, hence, the term affiliate marketing. I’ve taken interest in the whole affiliate marketing world recently and I do hope I can slowly build something from it, in the same manner that I have my eyes set on residual income through writing sites like InfoBarrel. See this post Building a Passive Income through InfoBarrel

As for Revitol, Health Buy, and Market Health, I have no idea where these will take me. Heck, I haven’t even received the package yet but I hope it works and I’ll be sharing about it again in the future.  

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