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Moderato Band – Foursome Great Some

Moderato band - I heard them over one of those bars at the back of Mall of Asia facing Manila bay last year. There was another band which played after their set that night but I didn’t enjoy the music as much as I did when Moderato played, considering the fact that I love rock or alternative music which the other band played.

Going back to Moderato, they’re a foursome great some comprised of 3 lovely ladies and 1 guy or otherwise? Anyway, they played party music all throughout the whole set. They welcomed requests and played some, asked guests to sing and laugh or be laughed at on the podium, and made everyone have fun on their seats. It’s those moments when you don’t care that others are making fun of you and so you laugh too.

The video above was from their YouTube page or I think it’s their manager’s. I didn’t catch their name but they’re a fun group to party with or watch play while in a party. They play old school 70’s Pinoy upbeat songs like those from VST & Co., hilarious and sexy novelty songs, and the party songs of today you’d normally add on your music player.

The ladies are sexy, pretty, and witty. They crack jokes naturally without having the need to force it. So is the gentleman who completes the foursome great some. I’m sure you’ve seen it before, i.e. the Bisaya accent and Yaya jokes but it was still refreshing to hear it from them.

I’m in no way associated nor acquainted with them and I’ve watched practically an endless list of local bar bands but they’re one of the ones I enjoyed watching. So I thought of writing this piece for them. I don’t know where they regularly have a gig but you can check out the Facebook page for details. I have no idea if they're back (after that sign off message over FB) but you might as well contact them and see where you can catch a show. Party on!


  1. Thanks for this.... Ms. Maria Marilyn Madrid... I am the band leade and the founder of moderato.. we decided to disband for some instances happen to my group... anyway we just rest for a while and we will come back as soon we create a new and a better member again... thanks again and god bless...

    1. Wow! Nice to hear from you naman po. Sayang, your band is amazing pa naman! Love the party mode you set the stage with. Hope you'd be back soon! Good luck!


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