Baguio Panagbenga 2012 Ends with A Bang! | Eph Baguio Writers Meet Up | Tour a Friend in Baguio -

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Baguio Panagbenga 2012 Ends with A Bang! | Eph Baguio Writers Meet Up | Tour a Friend in Baguio

This may not be the most awesome video ever but at least I got to capture the Baguio Panagbenga 2012 fireworks display on moving images. There are quite a few more and you can check them all out by visiting the same YouTube non-commercial channel (Panagbenga 2012 Fireworks Display - video 1, video 2, video 4). As for the fireworks display, it lasted for no more than 10 minutes and the dark skies illuminated by simultaneously lighted fireworks culminates the city’s fiesta for this year. The Baguio Panagbenga 2012 literally ends with a bang!

It was 8 PM of March 4 in Baguio city when a few fireworks were already lighting up the dark and cold nights of the city. It’s not perfectly simultaneous but once the right rhythm was started, all of the lights were on. Three venues staged the fireworks and each one contributed to a sort of triangle formation for the fireworks display. These venues include SM Baguio, Melvin Jones Grand Stand (near Burnham Park), and Baguio Cathedral stairway footsteps.

It was coincidental that we were in Zola, a bar located at the 2nd floor of an already elevated building, Puso ng Baguio so the fireworks display is easily seen by the windows. I was the only one in the group of 5 people who stood up, watched the spectacular lights display, and took videos. The others remain seated the whole time.

Eph Baguio Writers Meet Up

Who are the others? They were three other writers from and a friend of mine. It’s the Eph Baguio writers meet up during the said night although only a chosen few came and conquered the night (or at least the early part of it) in food, drinks, and writer stories to tell. I’d rather not post their photos and names but will generously share it in the Eph forums instead. They know who they are anyway. 

Tour a Friend in Baguio

Earlier during the same day, I had an opportunity to tour a friend. We were already in Baguio since morning although the Eph Baguio writers meet up was set to be at 6 PM. I guided my friend in popular places including Session Road, Botanical Garden, Mine’s View, Burnham Park, and Lourdes Grotto. I offered other stops but she declined them.

Aside from scenic spots, we had lunch at my favourite restaurant, 50’s Diner and shared the usual meal I order – Mama’s Kid with either coffee or shake. A tour of Baguio is of course incomplete without a shopping spree at ukay-ukay stalls although we didn’t get the chance to scour the whole ukay areas. Our eyes were already full with items from the tiangge at Session Road (more than half of it is closed for Panagbenga) and the Market Encounter (close to Burnham Park and Melvin Jones Grand Stand).

Our day did not end with the Eph Baguio writers meet up. We slept over at my previous land lord and land lady’s home for free. Talk about the Pinoy hospitality. We were off for home the next day but not without a few Baguio delicacies as pasalubong. These include the famous Good Shepherd (Mountain Maid) ube jam paired with a strawberry jam, lengua de gato, peanut brittle, and more.

Happy Panagbenga 2012 Baguio City!

The Baguio Panagbenga ends with a bang and we were luckily there for the culminating events including the fireworks display. Although Baguio is becoming closer to the congestion and population of Metro Manila, it’s still one of the best cities in the Philippines. Happy Panagbenga 2012 Baguio city!

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