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Baguio Express - A Quick One Day Tour of the City

A friend and I’s trip to Baguio city made me realize that you can actually have a Baguio express trip, a quick tour of the entire city of Baguio or at least a few key tourist points in one whole day. Here is the list of places we were able to visit and what activities we have done during that day.

I actually offered the trip to my friend. She accompanied me during a meet up with fellow writers who were from Baguio city. See this post - Baguio Panagbenga2012 Ends with A Bang! | Eph Baguio Writers Meet Up | Tour a Friend in Baguio. She hadn’t been to Baguio for quite some time now so it was my responsibility to make the trip worth it for her, considering the fact that she only came to accompany me for the writer’s EB.

There was no specific itinerary. I’m not an OC kind of person who organizes everything diligently. I’m more of a free spirited individual, hence, this blog name Free Minds Free Lines. So I relied upon good ol’ memory, having been a resident of Baguio for about two years, and whatever the tide stirs us with for that day.

The day started at past 8 AM. But it took us almost three hours just to get there. We boarded a bus from a nearby province. The trip can actually take just about 2 hours from a van or a private vehicle, especially if you travel through Kennon Road instead of Marcos Highway where buses normally traverse. It was past 11 when we reached the city proper from the bus terminal down Session Road, close to University of the Cordilleras.

It was the culmination day for Panagbenga that day so there were tiangges all over Session Road that morning. But since the festival is over, what you’ll find are shops, stores, and restaurants. If you’re hungry, you can take an early lunch in one of the food outlets within the famous road. We weren’t hungry yet so we decided to visit one of the popular destinations first. But before that, I offered an ice cream cone from Session Delights. That’s something I never forget when in Session Road. You won’t find classic and supreme ice creams with special sugar cones at affordable prices per scoop anywhere else.

Botanical Garden

The first stop was Baguio city’s Botanical Garden. If you are to commute, you can board the same passenger jeepneys going to Mine’s View park. The jeep passes by the garden and they are parked below McDonald’s. We took pictures at the garden, stayed for a few minutes, and boarded a jeep again going to Mine’s View.

Wright Park

If you do love horses, you should also drop by Wright Park for a short trail ride mounted on a horse. If not a ride, you can at least take pictures. “Pang-Facebook” as one of the caretakers invitingly say. My friend is not a fan of horses so we didn’t drop by. We headed for Mine’s View instead.

Mine’s View 

It was the same picture taking activity at Mine’s View park. We didn’t try any of the photo shoot background available in the park. But in case you want to, you can have a pictorial while mounted on a horse, while wearing native costumes (this is also offered at the Botanical Garden), or with one of the huge St. Bernard dogs. There used to be only one dog of this breed before but there are numerous dogs now.

There’s something I also never forget to do when in Mine’s View, that is to drop coins in the wishing well below the stairs leading to the topmost portion of the park.

Souvenir shops abound here but if you’re not yet heading home, I suggest for you not to buy that many yet. Not unless you have a hotel or residential lodge you can drop the packages after before heading towards the next destination. One souvenir shop you shouldn’t miss is the … I forgot the name but you won’t miss it. It’s the only one found on a second floor and it’s really close to the entrance of the park. Just climb up the stairs, drop a donation, and start taking pictures.

Good Shepherd

Speaking of souvenirs, Good Shepherd, the makers of Mountain Maid food products including everyone’s ube jam favorite is also located close to Mine’s View. You will actually pass by the hills leading to the church on your way home after a tour of the park.

50’s Diner Restaurant

50’s Diner is yet another stop I won’t miss. You won’t miss it too. You’ll pass by it on the way to Mine’s View park. It’s close to Teacher’s Camp and is situated alongside other stores and shops including Brod Pit’s restaurant, Red Lion, and so much more. We had an early afternoon lunch.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Back to the heart of the city, we paid the St. Joseph’s Cathedral a visit. It’s close to Session Road and is right behind Porta Vaga, a mall in the popular road.

Burnham Park

Burnham Park is almost always the first stop for most tourists. It can be comparable to what Luneta Park in Manila stands for. My friend was a bit terrified with water rides so we didn’t board one of the boats floating all over the manmade lake. We simply checked out the Panagbenga landscape design contest entries and souvenir shops at the eastern side of the park, close to the Melvin Jones Grand Stand.
If you’re not afraid of water, you should try the boats. You can also bike and walk around the entire park. I’m sure you would notice food everywhere so you might as well give some of them a try. These include binatog, a delicacy made of boiled sweet corn, ground coconut meat, sugar, and milk or sweet corn in stick.

Lourdes Grotto

Our last stop was the Lourdes Grotto. It’s located in the western area of the city and I’m not the best tour guide so I forgot where the jeepney station for this place is. We simply hailed a taxi cab and we’re at the foot of the grotto in no time.

The long walk uphill was really tiresome. But it’s a challenge for everyone who wants to reach the summit. We spent a few silent moments in prayer and lighting candles after that challenging climb upstairs. This place is a recommended stop solely because of the seemingly never ending steps of the stair case.

SM Baguio

There was still actually time for one or two more stops I’m sure but we were already exhausted. Also, I had to meet up with fellow writers early evening. We had a snack at SM Baguio before going to Zola, a bar close to Porta Vaga.


Speaking of bars, if you are to extend your night till night, there are numerous night spots you can go bar hopping over. Start at Session Road and there are plenty of bars already, including Zola. Ask for Nevada Square and there are plenty of bars. I did mention Red Lion earlier and it’s clad with call center agents. I know for I used to be one of them.

Loakan Airport

The night had ended for us after Zola. We stayed over at my former land lady’s place in Loakan, close to where the Loakan Airport runway is located. It’s Baguio city’s only airport and it caters to small planes and choppers including government charter aircraft and a commercial liner called Asian Spirit.

Maharlika market

The next day, we shopped at the Maharlika market for pasalubong. This is where you’ll find all types of products you can bring home including shirts, accessories, food, native delicacies, local products, and so much more.

I know there were places we've missed such as the Lion's head at Kennon Road and Camp John Hay but since the trip is limited to a single day, that's as much as what we can do. So there you have it, with these, anyone can have a Baguio Express, a quick one day tour of the city of Baguio.

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