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Walking All Over the Net

In relation to the previous post about the essence of Internet presence, here’s another thought which came to mind. It’s about the concept of walking the net, walking all over the net at that.

Walking all over the net is nothing profound actually. It’s similar to saying surfing the Internet where one surfs the web for anything and everything one stumbles upon with including videos, audio, articles, sites, chat room, community forums and the like. This concept had even evolved into new activities online which include blog walking and Facebook walking. The former is applicable to blogs and the latter of course pertains to Facebook.

Most blog platforms initiate blog walking. The whole act will have you visit one blog after another. In Blogger, this can be done by simply going to your dashboard and check out your Reading List. See Blogs of Note and start your blog walking activity. On the upper portion of the page, you’ll see an option to visit another blog while checking out one. Tumblr, another blogging platform (micro blogs) has the same option. Blogobo, a blogging community also has blog walking features. Down below the footer, my Blogobo link is no longer there. I had it deleted after getting a message from Chrome saying the site is infected with a virus. 

Speaking of footer by the way, notice that there are various sites and links found. They are there for a reason, but I’d like to talk about that some other time.

Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Aside from blog walking, Facebook walking is also very popular. In fact, most people can stay glued to the social network site endlessly without getting tired. One can continuously read status updates, click on the ‘like’ button, write comments, view images or videos as well as like them or leave comments, compose and answer questions, navigate apps and games, and so much more. I know because I for one can stay stuck on Facebook during one of those days when boredom strikes. Otherwise, I’d just check my account numerous times throughout the day in between work. J

If there is a Facebook walking activity, so then there should be Twitter walking as well. Although what you can do in Twitter is limited to tweets, you can still browse through the site for tweets from just about anyone, including your followers. For those who did not know yet, photos can be uploaded in Twitter now, among new updates to personal and brand pages (that’s something new as well) introduced by Twitter recently.

Aside from these, no one can resist celebrity updates. Their tweets are irresistible chocolate of some sort. You can go gaga just reading their tweets. If you have no idea which celebrity to check out, head over the home page and look for trending tweets. You’ll easily spot these through the hash tags (number # sign followed by the topic). And they’re prominently seen on the middle right hand side of the screen.

I can even include video walking on this list, I’m sure a lot can relate with it. As for me, I can tolerate watching hundreds of videos, one after the other, over YouTube. I’d start with anything that comes to mind. I’d search each time a song pops into mind. If not, I can start viewing based on suggestions provided by the site. Over the YouTube home page, you may also view popular videos. A list of 100 videos is provided under major categories including music and entertainment. Aside from YouTube, there are other video sites too like Daily Motion and Vimeo.

As for walking all over the net, with it I can stare at my computer for countless hours with only pee breaks in between. I may eat or sleep if needed but I’m mostly just online walking all over blogs, Facebook, Twitter, videos, and so much more. 

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