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Mission Impossible Movie Series: Unlimited?

Mission Impossible movie series is unlimited?

I’m no movie reviewer. I’m a movie addict though. Like other average movie-goers, I watch with that, “here we are now, entertain us” attitude. I do watch movies and see beyond the obvious sometimes, i.e. become a critique and learn what is to be learned from a movie. Most of the time though, I’m just like any other regular movie fan, I simply watch and like or hate the movie afterwards.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol trailer

So here comes Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. I mentioned it as one of the upcoming movie sequels of 2011 in this blog entry: 2011 is a Year of Movie SequelsIt was scheduled for 2011 anyway, as seen in the movie trailer released mid-year last year, but it was only made available on local cinemas recently. So I got to watch at an affordable provincial movie house ticket price, which explains why I can watch a movie almost every week a few years ago. Can’t do that anymore, real busy now.

Although this is not a critical review, there are details I can’t help but notice from the movie. Some of which will be outlined below.

Luxury cars

All car lovers won’t miss various luxury cars featured in this Mission Impossible movie series installment including some which were blown up in pieces or driven for a fall. What a waste!

Luxurious locations

Aside from luxury cars, you’ll find luxurious locations as well. Among all cities mentioned, the most prominent ones include Budapest, Dubai, and Mumbai. There’s not much to say about Budapest except for an explosion (watch the movie for more details =). In Mumbai, erotic artworks, high class society parties, and a secret lovemaking bed are exciting. Dubai is my favorite location though. Hunt ascending through a sky rise building through hundreds of floors with only a glass magnetic glove to use is superb! Sandstorm covering the streets and yet vehicles and drivers drive past the blinding sands? It’s weird. Above all though, the city looks stunning from an open glass wall of the towering hotel room.

Falling face down first

The stunts, as with all other MI movies, should be applauded too. Funny how Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) always falls face down first in almost all stunts including that death defying jump towards the team’s hotel room window in Dubai.

Tech galore

As always, Mission Impossible movies are filled with tech galore. Spy gadgets, mission paraphernalia, and what not – Ghost Protocol has it.

New twists

The introduction of new characters William Brandt (Jeremy Renner of the Hurt Locker fame) and Jane Carter (Paula Patton of my favorite film Déjà Vu) adds new exciting twists to the movie, including that of mini-plots dedicated especially for them.

What is Ghost Protocol?

Ghost Protocol was already referenced in the earlier movie sequels; this being a total shutdown of the IMF (finances, plans, and executes impossible missions). So Ghost Protocol was finally executed in this movie with the only functioning team working independently on their own (as usual) is that of Hunt’s.

Mission Impossible Unlimited?

No Mission Impossible movie is complete though without impossible missions. It’s not always the tech gadgets which saves their a$$, it’s those so-called last minute hunches, adrenaline rush responses, and presence of mind when needed which makes an impossible mission possible.

I wish I could write more teasers but any movie is never good unless you see it for yourself. Should you want to read more about it, you may check some of these pages:

Mission Impossible 5

Ghost Protocol is not the last in the Mission Impossible series, there’s already a 5th installment on the way. It sounds like a Mission Impossible unlimited indeed.

Final thoughts

Did I like it or hate it? Yes, I liked it and no, I don’t hate it. Is it any better than the other Mission Impossible movie series? Ghost Protocol is not the best in the series, but it sure is something you can't possibly miss.

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