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Advantage of Humor, Laughter, and Positivity

So what is the advantage of humor, laughter, and positivity? Read on to know.

The adage “laughter is the best medicine” is probably been heard a million times before. But no one can get enough of it. The truth in those lines can be twice as much more in terms of value when compared to how many times the adage was quoted.

There are billions of people in the world and every single one can take advantage of humor, laughter, and the positivity these bring. Everyone faces everyday challenges which may require the use of physical strength, thoughts, and emotions to be resolved. These challenges are but normal in human existence. To face them seriously though as if there is nothing funny to laugh about in life is not even living at all.

Religion, philosophy, psychology, culture, tradition, and what not can all agree that life is not merely a battlefield where one simply fights to survive. Life is no war and there are no heroes and foes either. Neither is it a race where other people must be beaten so one becomes a victor. There is no victory when relationships are compromised just to reach a goal.

Life can be best described as a journey where all must travel. Along the road, people and circumstances are faced. Whether these are negative in nature, walking or running on the way with humor and laughter in one’s pockets lightens the load.

Advantage of Humor

Humor not only makes heavy loads lighter, it clears one’s mind. It can be compared to a rainbow which appears after the rain. The downpour of the water where the skies are dark is similar to a problem stricken mind. Thoughts are filled with all the negativity attached to the issue. Finding a solution may seem difficult. Yet when laughter is invited, clarity steps in as well. Even amidst a hazy sky, a luminous ray of light becomes visible. One finds a way out of the troubles in life.

The same laughter is not only good for the soul and the mind but for the heart too. Scientifically, laughing at jokes helps improve blood circulation. When blood circulates properly, all parts of the body are benefitted. These include major organs such as the heart, minor organs, tissues, and even cells.

The advantage of humor is also evident for those who have specific illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart ailments, stroke or CVA, and all other medical diseases which benefit from better blood flow.

But humor cannot be forced though just to reap the positive effects if brings. It should be as natural as a reaction to a form of action. One cannot laugh for the sake of it in the hope it delivers positive effects to one’s way of thinking and health. Reacting to funny jokes can be as normal as facial expressions seen when taste buds react to different tastes. It is also as natural as reactions made through other senses of the body.

What made people laugh in a funny joke may seem like a puzzle to some individuals though. These persons can be deemed as abnormal, not being able to react to a natural human phenomenon like laughter. Excluding those who have medical conditions which prevents them from being affected by humor, people who choose to refrain from absorbing positivity in life misses the benefits mentioned earlier.

As a conclusion, it is always recommended to take advantage of humor, laughter, and positivity as well as the channels by which they are available such as jokes and anything else that are deemed funny and happy.

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