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Manila Ocean Park Attractions

I thought of sharing these pictures and videos of Manila Ocean Park attractions both new and old in this blog. You can use them for private and commercial purposes but I hope you credit my blog by posting a link back to it. I don’t have time to place watermarks on the images and videos but in relation to Google copyright infringement I’ve written about in an earlier post, I hope the images are credited.

Manila Ocean Park Attractions in Pictures and Videos

Just click on the link above to see the Manila Ocean Park Pictures and Manila Ocean Park Videos from Photobucket. Just point your browser's arrow towards the lower right side of the images or videos to see the navigational arrows. You can play the slide forward or backwards. You can also click on view all from the HTML link above. Sorry, they’re already uploaded so I don’t want to upload them again here. :D

Photobucket by the way is an amazing site where you can upload photos and videos for online storage. While archiving through DVD-R’s provides a physical backup of data, these don’t last as long as they promise. It is best to save photos and videos online instead.

But I’m updating this blog entry about an hour or so after it was published. It dawned upon me that this is Blogger and not Tumblr. The latter is more appropriate for short posts whereas the former is better off with more detailed blog posts. So here goes.


Manila Ocean Park is located behind Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila, Philippines.

You can use Google Maps for more detailed directions.

The first trip to Manila Ocean Park was more memorable simply because it was the first and all first trips to anywhere are often more exciting. It’s the feeling that you’ve never been there before which exhilarates you. It was the same feeling for me.

Ticket Prices

Regular rate is Php 400 (that’s close to $10)
Children 4 ft. and below pays Php 350 (a little over $8)
It’s free for children 2 ft. and below

So we parked and I was already thrilled even on the parking lot. The ticket price is almost close to three movie tickets but it’s alright. It was a weekday when we went there but there were all too many people on a late afternoon. There were even a group of kids on a field trip. Explains why there were ten or more buses on the parking lot. I can’t remember the name of the school. But I do recall the smile on those kids faces.

We were on file behind the kids. We obviously didn’t want to steal their moment away. I still got to enjoy the trip anyway. It was too short. I don’t think it lasted for an hour and you can’t go back and forth. You can only pass by an area once. There were four major sections. I didn’t write down what these areas are called as my attention was focused on the marine animals. I just know it’s the Oceanarium, for sure.


Monday / Tuesday
10 AM to 7 PM
Tickets offered until 6:15 PM
Wednesday – Friday
10 AM to 8:30 PM
Tickets available until 7:45 PM
Weekends / Holidays
9 AM to 8:30 PM
Tickets up till 7:45 PM

Aside from the Oceanarium, there are other shows available.
You may refer to this page for more details on schedules.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos even if I’m not too good at it. Please see link posted above for photos and videos. I literally took photos or videos of every animal I see in their mini-aquarium. Anyone who has been will agree that the manta rays swimming in all directions from left to right and all over the Oceanarium glass ceiling is most fascinating. Almost all the videos I shot featured the manta rays.

Up the stairs and towards the exit, a restaurant is found and a souvenir store too. Again, I didn’t take note of their names. :D We both got Manila Ocean Park shirts with seashells on the design from the souvenir shop. But what’s most breathtaking upstairs is the view of Manila Bay. It was almost close to sunset so a glimpse of the famous Manila Bay sunset would have been great. Well, I saw it a couple of times anyway in some other places.

I won't ever get tired of Manila Ocean Park  and I know you won't too soon as you see it!


  1. Cool. I hope I could drop by Malaysia and meet you all blogger friends. Appreciate you always dropping by. :)


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