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Time for a Plain White Blogger Template and More Thoughts

It’s time for a plain white Blogger template. This new template is not really new except for a more dominant shade of light, bright, and white. I’m still using the old Blogger interface though despite protests of many who prefer the new one. It’s simply because I am used to how the old blogger looks like.

The old interface is darker. It complements the previous template I was using. Although I’ve updated the template into a lighter shade and the new interface should’ve matched it, I still prefer the old Blogger just the way it is. So it would be a light template over a dark interface for me. The contrast is actually perfect for a contrasting personality as I am.

Of the Undead's of death and suicide

Goodbye to the dark template for now. I’ve been used to dark themes ever since... In fact, I stumbled upon my old blog by accident: “Of the Undead.” There was only one post dated July 17, 2007 with the title, “of death and suicide.” The blog was so eerie it would seem like the author wrote one post and died. :D (Update: deleted that blog now). The post was about suicide. I reposted the content in a post here:

Black, Dark, and Gothic

So what’s with the black, dark, and gothic theme? Black is a favorite color. Some say it is not even a color because black is the absence of color. Dark since the content was of dark writing. Dark but not evil though. Evil is not always dark. Dark does not always depict evil as well. Some can wear white but be as evil as can be. But since the post was talking about suicide, you may call it evil. I call it dark.

Those were the dark days of younger years when you’re young and restless. The whole world becomes an enemy and you hate everything about it. The long narrative of that journal entry ended with a positive note. Otherwise, I won’t be here to write today.

There were questions which were left open though, “is suicide for the weak or for the strong?” and “are those who are afraid of killing themselves cowards and those who were successful are brave?” My answers are obvious. Suicide is for the weak that do not have strength to face the truth of life. Killing one’s self is not bravery but cowardice. The real brave people are those who can face life amidst adversities. Man, it’s that plain simple but I was figuratively (literally?) deranged and demented back then I couldn’t figure out the difference.

I mentioned gothic because it is greatly dark and black too. But in history, gothic can be described in various ways. It is a culture on its own. It refers to a group of people (Germanic), a language, and arts as well as architecture. In fact, gothic architecture and art works were popular during the medieval era.

What made gothic the gothic we know now is the post punk music genre. The movement started in the late 70s up to the early 80s. Modern gothic soon became more than a rock music genre. It started a whole lifestyle revolution that spread through fashion, movies, and culture. Gothic has since been known for a melancholic, morbid, dark, and deathly theme.

Emo and Gothic

Emo, a newer concept which was popularized in the early 90s is sometimes compared to gothic but is completely different. There was no self-mutilation in the gothic culture. Emo at its worst is depicted with slashing or slitting one’s wrist. This is done in self-expression, in painful realization of the pain in life, but not to the point of death. Suicide is also mentioned here and then but not as much as wrist cutting. In the local tongue, I’d call this as KSP. “Kulang sa pansin” – in need of attention and tries to acquire it in a painful way.

Gothic is worse in a certain way. While emo delights in self-pain to feel alive, gothic prefers death. I recall a gothic friend a few years ago saying a modern Goth's creed includes the feeling of fulfillment in death. He said he would love to die over and over again to feel that deathly high during the last few moments. Don't worry, I’m not promoting a culture of suicide and self-mutilation here. These are mentioned here for the sake of narrative only.

Plain White Blogger Template

So why is "L" here? He's not exactly emo but I love him.

Emo has a distinct fashion flavor in the same manner as gothic does. The typical emo look involves wearing bright colored or black tight fit jeans and short sleeved shirts that are often printed with emo band posters. Accessories include black, studded belts and wristbands as well as thick, black rimmed glass.

Emo fashion is also easily spotted through hairstyles. Side swept bangs which covers one or both eyes. Short and layered hair cuts are also common with bright colored highlights such as blue, pink, red, and blond. Emo used to be of clean cut style when it was still starting to flourish. There were no eye baggy make up and other characteristics present in newer emo trends back then.

Plain White Blogger Template

Gothic is easily described. It’s a combination of punk, Victorian, and Elizabethan fashion. The latter two are mentioned in reference to all things death like mourning and death. The type of clothing worn during dark hours in a Victorian or Elizabethan’s life is what interests modern day Goth fashion. It’s characterized with dark, morbid, and even erotic themes.

There is also a dominance of black in everything else such as clothes, raven dyed hair, nails, and makeup which include black lips and eyeliners. Emo sports a similar style when it comes to make up and nail color. It may become difficult to distinguish between the two without further observation.

Music is where it all started for both emo and gothic. Both which have roots in punk rock music. Gothic evolved from post punk while emo sprung from hardcore punk. Emo was from the concept “emotional hardcore” or “emocore” which eventually became just “emo.” Emo is expressive with song lyrics that are often filled with personal confessions.

Sub-genres such as emo pop and screamo are similar but with a different twist. Emo pop still possesses the emo characteristic sound but have branched out from rock to pop. Screamo on the other hand is easily identified by vocals screaming louder against an already loud rock musical background.

Gothic as a music combines both punk and alternative rock. Unlike punk, goth sounds are dark, heavy, and characterized by depressing and morbid lyrics. Goth music is further divided into two: gothic rock and gothic metal. These are of course, self-explanatory.

You can find a list of all gothic rock bands and gothic metals through Wikipedia. I’ve also linked the Wikipedia list of emo bands.

Wikipedia by the way can be edited. I edited a page without adding anything. I only brushed it up a little bit. It's too short anyway. For those who intend to edit any page, please make sure to check your sources for accuracy.

Are there bands listed which should not be there? Are there any missing? Blame Wikipedia. Better yet, you can contribute by adding ideas.

I am a self-professed gothic and emo. But I’ve never slit my wrists nor delighted in thoughts of death (at least not anymore). I don’t follow fashion trends either. I love the music though. Some of my favorites include Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, The Cure, 30 Seconds to Mars, Flyleaf, The Fray, Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance, One Republic, Owl City, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Story of the Year, Switchfoot, Tokio Hotel, and Weezer.

I think I’ve enjoyed writing too much about emo and gothic that I forgot what this is all about. Oh yes, it's supposed to be about the new but not new plain white Blogger template

For those who are interested in updating themes, here are some of the resources I’ve found online. Search for “best free blogger templates 2011” and these are some of those on Page 1 ranking.

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So I hope you find a theme or template that matches your blog or personality the way I did. 


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