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Social Media for Business

It is no doubt how effective social media marketing is in the promotion of your products or services. Everyone from all walks of life, age, sex, and location have at least one account in a social network site. Among many available communities, Facebook has the greatest potential to increase the popularity and consumption of your goods. You can have this done by creating your own profile or a Facebook page for your company. Then, take advantage of people’s patronage of the site.

Viral Videos

When uploaded to the most popular video streaming website like YouTube, a video can spread like wildfire. Tendencies are, if the video is interesting enough, the first viewer will share it to the next viewer and so on. In relation to this, you can transform information like viral videos by making your Facebook page interesting.

Make Your Page Interesting

When it comes to making your page interesting, overall content should be well thought of. This includes the layout, images, videos, and product information. There is not much to be done with layout as Facebook is limited to a default look. Only minor differences can be spotted such as the number of tabs displayed, info available, and other security related settings. Graphics, videos, and external links maybe included to enhance visitors viewing experience. Notes and posts should be enticing enough to attract a potential buyer.

Facebook Blog

Other ways can be borrowed from social media marketing strategies such as blogging. In Facebook, an alternative to blogging is writing ideas on its “notes” tab as well as posting shout outs on walls. Posting invitations to walls, tagging friends on photos related to your company and its services, and participating in discussions within your page or someone else’s will also provide sufficient exposure.


Linking your Facebook page with another business also promotes your brand. You can choose groups based on size or relativity to your product. On size, pages with over 100,000 friends, fans, or likes are a good choice. You may also pick according to the other company’s relevance to your product. If you sell health and beauty products, attaching your page to a related brand benefits you both. Make sure to get authorization from the page owner or administrator prior to adding of links.

Social Network

Keeping in contact with everyone within your network helps others retain information about your service. This is after all a social network site. You do not necessarily need to meet everyone personally. Engaging in forums your friends are interested with inside and outside your page will let them know you care. Answer all queries about your items honestly and promptly too.

Prizes and Giveaways

You may also sponsor games and contests with tempting prizes to encourage the use of products among fans. You can organize contests for blog writing, slogan or logo making, and photo or video based mini commercial making. Cool prizes can be given away such as the latest gadgets. Items which advertise your brand like T-shirts, mugs, pens, and bags may also be included in the price list.

These techniques can definitely maximize the potential of social media for business.


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