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Click Like To the ‘Google Is My Best Friend’ Link?

The apostrophized lines ‘Google Is My Best Friend’ on the title were posted in a Facebook member’s page. It had been reposted and liked countless. Various comments from other Facebook users about Google follow after.

Facebook had revolutionized the Internet experience in general. Almost all websites have external links which directs you to its home page. You can share blog contents, web pages, and link your Facebook profile with an account from another site.

Major internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, and YouTube were not exempted from this viral spread. Other social networking sites like Myspace and my Yearbook have also joined the bandwagon.

On Google, algorithm changes were noticeably seen. For everyone whose work revolves around SEO and everything associated to online business, the title line above was written as a satire to recent changes made by Google. If this helps, according to research Google had actually make changes to its algorithm every day. Almost 500 changes were recorded since 2008. This was long before Facebook made huge waves.

For a common user, these changes are beneficial. Page loading for one had been optimized to become faster. Keywords are highlighted within the results. Navigation toolbar is now located at the left panel. From which, you can specify what will be searched for. Search images, videos, or all types of pages. Search within a specific location or time frame. Pages may even be translated to a language of your choice.

For SEO relying business: as Google attempts to compete with the innovation of social networking sites, so should you. Whether you subscribe to an SEO service or you run one, keep up with these changes with a simple method. Keep your business relevant, updated, and with a local flavor. 

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