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The Dilemma of Being Deleted: Show Deleted History

A few files missing made me think about the dilemma of being deleted and how to show deleted history. I couldn’t blame my niece about missing Word files and folders on my computer although she was playing around before they were accidentally deleted. It’s not even about that. It is about me emptying the recycle bin without checking what was inside. I only noticed the missing works when the deed was done.

I already know that system restore may not work to show deleted history but I bothered performing it nonetheless. I wasn’t even reading why it was not working after a few attempts. The error message was actually saying it is unable to complete the operation because an anti-virus system is switched on. Switching it off still did not work of course.

Next attempt is through a file scavenger. I really thought it would work but the application did not find the missing items. So the dilemma of being deleted strikes twice.

Yet what were those files about? They were both nothing and something at the same time. They were nothing because they simply are some bunch of files. They were something though because those were unfinished work.

True, I can always rewrite the topics from memory and scribble whatever I can recall about it, but I cannot do the same for the poems. I could not even remember what the poems were, how the verses were written, and what subject were those lines about. Most of which were almost done and are only waiting to be edited or so.

One can actually always write something new, both for articles and for poems. The sad part is that the lines written at the moment when emotions were overflowing can never be back anymore. A similar experience may happen and lines or verses can be written again but it will never be the same as any other event nor write up. Each is unique on its own.

But what is done is gone and over with so let me just write about whatever there is to happen in the future.

This entry was written purposely with such title instead of mentioning the dilemma of deleting files. This is because there is a different dilemma which is more important than the files being deleted. The dilemma of being deleted in life, relationships, work, and so on is so much worse. Of course, the word “deleted” only serves as a pun.

But there is truth in the dilemma of being deleted as a person. At work, you may become terminated. In a relationship, breaking up happens. In life, death occurs like a thief in the night.

Being deleted in these parts of life is a dilemma more devastating than missing files. Yet in the same manner that I attempted to recover the files although seemingly impossible, so should we do everything which can be possibly done when it comes to issues in life.

To end, the dilemma of being deleted is not due to losing something but it is about the failure there is when you do not do anything about it. Trying at least lessens the dilemma there is when something is deleted in life even if you can no longer show deleted history.

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