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Short Essay on Procrastination

essay on procrastination
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Let me start this short essay on procrastination through this catchy song verse which sings, "simulan mo na ang dapat mong nasimulan nung umpisa..." is noteworthy for me not only because a member of the band is prominent in the local music scene and is active in a few other bands but more so because of the beat that belts out the truth in those lines I mentioned above. 

For sure I am not the only one with things left undone; with today put off for tomorrow; with ideas enveloped within; with rhymes and verses not sung; with pen and paper set aside; all for something of greater purpose or simply out of laziness. 

The habit, as with all others are starts with little details which eventually grows widespread like fire and tends to consume everything in its path, including things that have nothing to do with it. Nonetheless, minus all the pretense there is to nodding over good advice, I'm sure I will simply do today what I am not lazy of doing and then do the rest of it tomorrow. ;)

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