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What to Do When You're Out of Work

So what to do when you're out of work? First off, it is never recommended to stay out of work for a long time. But while it lasts, best to take advantage of the benefits it brings.

Relaxation. Minus work related pressure and stress. You get to relax more often. Read many books. Movie marathon. Write, write, and write. A vacation is even more likely possible.

Time. There is more time which can be allotted for anything you want to do (such as that which pertains to the first bullet). There is an opportunity to finish everything which you cannot seem to do while busy at work.

Coincidentally, cleaning and getting rid of unnecessary clutter at home is something commonly done while out of work.

Bond with everyone. It is related to the first and second bullets. There is more time to bond with everyone: family, relatives, and friends. You can even relax together in vacations.

Meditation. This is a great opportunity to ponder upon life, experiences, lessons learned, or simply find one’s self. It is no coincidence that those who needs self searching get away from work for a moment.

These are only but a few. There are many other benefits from being out of work and there's so much more to answer the question above. As for the disadvantages, I’m sure there may even be more than this list. Most of them become the exact opposite of the benefits discussed here.

• Relaxation may end up making you too relaxed to prefer the lazy life over working.

• Time is then wasted doing nothing.

• Everyone gets tired seeing you all the time.

• There is nothing else left to meditate upon.

So enjoy the moment while it lasts. Make the most out of it while you can. Soon enough, you will realize the need for work and the benefits thereof.

On a personal note, I enjoy every moment of not working yet I despise how I have nothing to do most of the time. So how about you, any recommendations on what to do when you're out of work?

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